Lisanna Calvi

Lisanna Calvi is a lecturer of English Literature at the Department of Philological, Literary and Linguistic Studies of the University of Verona. She attended graduate courses at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and at the University of Verona, where she graduated in November 1998. She holds a Ph.D. in English Studies from the University of Venice “Ca’ Foscari” (2004, supervisor Sergio Perosa).

She wrote a book on Restoration and early eighteenth-century tragedy (Kingship and Tragedy, QuiEdit, 2005) and on James II’s devotional papers and Imago Regis (La corona e la Croce, ETS, 2009) as well as articles on John Dryden (2000), Robert Browning (2002, 2010), Caterina Edwards (2004), Thomas Otway (2007), Edmund Gosse (2009), seventeenth-century royal autobiography (2008), and William B. Yeats (2010), late seventeenth-century pamphlet tragicomedy (2010), early modern literary intersections between Spain and England (2011), eighteenth-century English romance (2011), The Tempest and the commedia dell’arte (Shakespeare, Routledge 2012), and madness and autobiography in seventeenth-century England (2012). She has recently edited, with an Italian translation, the autobiographical writings of Dionys Fiztherbert and Hannah Allen (Memoria, Maliconia e autobiografia dello spirito, Pacini 2012) and co-edited a miscellany on The Tempest (Revisiting The Tempest. The Capacity to Signify, Palgrave, 2014).