Francesca Romana Berno

After the degree (Università di Padova, 1996), the PhD in Classical Philology (Università di Padova 1999-2002), and some research grants (Università di Padova, 2002-2009), while I was a teacher in the High School (2000-2010)-, I became research fellow in Latin Language and Literature at Sapienza University (2010). My interests are focused on Seneca the philosopher: I published an essay about Natural Questions (Bologna 2003) and a translation with commentary on epistles 53-57 (Bologna 2006) and several articles, in particular about the relationship between scientific and moral issues, and the rhetorical features used in philosophical exhortations, such as poetic quotations, historical examples, literary metaphores. I directed my attention also to Cicero, especially with regard to the interpretation of some speeches (Pro Caelio, De domo sua) and some philosophical issues in Tusculan Disputations.