Leon Golden

Leon Golden is Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages and formerly Director of the Program in the Humanities at Florida State University. He is the author of a number of articles, books, and encyclopedia essays dealing with Classical Literary Criticism. He has also made several contributions to the study of Greek tragedy and Homer. His work encompasses traditional philological, philosophical and theoretical issues (such as the reinterpretation of the Aristotelian concept of catharsis) and he has extended his interests most recently to an imaginative comparative literature study entitledAchilles and Yossarian.He is currently beginnng a research project the goal of which would be the publication of a study entitled RAGE: Three Literary Explorations of the Tragic Flaw of Our Humanity. This would involve a comparative analysis of the characters of Ahab in Moby Dick, Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment and Achilles in The Iliad.