Michael Cody

Michael Cody received his B.A. in literature and creative writing from the University of North Carolina at Asheville (1993), an M.A. in English from Western Carolina University (1995) and a Ph.D. in early American literature from the University of South Carolina, Columbia (2000). He is the author of the book Charles Brockden Brown and the Literary Magazine: Cultural Journalism in the Early American Republic (2004). He has published articles on Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Margaret Fuller, among others, along with short stories and poems. He is currently editing (with co-editors Robert Battistini and Karen Weyler) The Literary Magazine and Other Writings, 1803-1807, the third volume of the seven-volume work The Collected Writings of Charles Brockden Brown. He teaches early American literature and Native American literature at East Tennessee State University.