Antoni Diller

Antoni Diller retired in 2013 from the University of Birmingham, England, where he was a lecturer in Artificial Intelligence in the School of Computer Science; he taught philosophy of cognitive science amongst other things. His research interests include the Angry Young Men of the 1950s, testimony, the limitations of Artificial Intelligence and critical rationalism, about each of which he has written several papers; his monograph Stuart Holroyd: Years of Anger and Beyond was published by Paupers’ Press in 2011. He is currently working on two, long-term, inter-related projects relating to the Angry Young Men: a more detailed account of the life, times and ideas of Stuart Holroyd and a study of that subgroup of the Angry Young Men dubbed the “law-givers” by Kenneth Allsop, which, in addition to Stuart Holroyd, included Bill Hopkins and Colin Wilson. Further information about all his current projects is available on his website.