Ainsley Morse

Ainsley Morse is a PhD candidate at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Harvard University. Her dissertation, "Detki v kletke: unofficial Soviet-era poets and Soviet children's literature," examines the curious intersections between official Soviet children's literature and the otherwise unpublishable "underground" poets who produced it. Previously, she received a master's degree in Comparative Slavic Literatures from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, for which she submitted a master's thesis on the work of twentieth-century Yugoslav writer Aleksandar Tisma. In addition to her academic work, Ainsley is a literary translator from Russian and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. To date she has published I Live I See: the selected poems of Vsevolod Nekrasov (UDP, 2013) and Kholin 66, both with Bela Shayevich, and Anatomical Theater by Andrei Sen-Senkov (Zephyr, 2014), with Peter Golub, as well as journal publications of poetry and prose by Russian, former Yugoslav and contemporary Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian writers.