Olga Medvedeva Nathoo

Dr. Olga Medvedeva-Nathoo studied Polish Language and Literature at the Moscow State University and completed her doctorate in the history of Polish literature at the Russian Academy of Humanities’ Institute of Slavic Studies, where she subsequently worked as a senior researcher. Olga is an author of numerous articles on Polish literature and Polish-Russian relations. These were published in Russia, Poland, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, USA, etc. At the start of the 1990’s, Olga founded the Janusz Korczak Association in Russia (being its first head), a concept she took with her to Canada where she presently lives and where together with friends, she established the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada and was responsible for the Association’s major projects, research and publications. She was also an Editor in Chief of the Newsletter of the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada in years 2003–2013. For the past several years, Olga, being an independent scholar, has devoted herself to the subject of Retracing Korczak’s Footsteps in Canada. It is in this framework that she wrote a book May Their Lot Be Lighter… Of Janusz Korczak and His Pupil published in English, Polish (University of Poznan Press, Poland, 2012), Russian (University of Kazan, Russia, 2012), and is to be published in Hebrew and Arabic in Israel in 2018. Olga’s latest book Crossroads. A True Story of Gina Dimant in War and Love dedicated to Polish Jews who survived WWII in the Soviet Union was published in English in Vancouver, 2014, in Polish (Szczecin, Poland, 2016), and in Russian (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2016).