Dariusz Skórczewski

Dariusz Skórczewski, Ph.D. Hab., is Assistant Professor of Polish literature at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (see Profile) where he is also head of cultural anthropology program in the Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Literature. In 2001-2004 and 2006-2007 as a Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow he was a visiting professor of Polish Studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and University of Illinois at Chicago. He has lectured at Georgetown (USA), Toronto (Canada), Bloomington (USA), Renmin and Beijing University of Foreign Studies (China), Bochum and Köln (Germany), and at numerous academic and cultural institutions in Poland.

Skórczewski’s scholarly interests include postcolonial studies in Polish literature and culture, literary theory, and modern Polish literature and criticism. He has been publishing extensively in these areas in Polish and American journals, among them the leading Polish journals in literary criticism and the humanities: Teksty Drugie/Second Texts, Porównania/Comparisons, Pamiętnik Literacki, and Ethos. His articles have been translated into English, German, Ukrainian, and Hungarian.

Skórczewski has authored three books: Theory – Literature – Discourse. A Postcolonial Landscape (2013, in Polish); Debates on Literary Criticism During the Second Polish Republic (2002, in Polish); and To Know Oneself. On Andrzej Kijowski Literary Critic and Columnist (1996, in Polish). He has co-edited three books: Idol in Culture (with E. Fiała and A. Fitas, 2018, in Polish); Melancholia: The Disease of the Soul (with A. Wierciński, 2014); and The Task of Interpretation: Hermeneutics, Psychoanalysis, and Literary Studies (with A. Wierciński and E. Fiala, 2009). He is Chief Editor of Roczniki Humanistyczne (Annals of Arts). The English translation of his 2013 book is forthcoming as Polish Literature and National Identity: a Postcolonial Landscape with University of Rochester Press (2020), in series Rochester Studies in East and Central Europe.