Articles by Elsa Bouchard

Article Publication Date
Achaean War 2010-03-01
Administration of Eubulus at Athens 2010-03-01
Aelius Aristides' To Rome 2010-03-01
Aeschines' Against Ctesiphon and Demosthenes' On the Crown 2010-03-01
Allotment of the archons in Athens 2010-03-01
Aratus captures Sicyon; the city joins the Achaean Confederacy 2010-03-01
Archidamian War 2010-03-01
Archonship and reforms of Solon in Athens 2010-03-01
Athens' Megarian Decree 2010-03-01
Baptism and death of Constantine 2010-03-01
Battle of Actium 2010-03-01
Battle of Adrianople and death of Valens 2010-03-01
Battle of Aegospotami 2010-03-01
Battle of Arginusae 2010-03-01
Battle of Chaeronea 2010-03-01
Battle of Coronea 2010-03-01
Battle of Coronea 2010-03-01
Battle of Corupedium 2010-03-01
Battle of Cumae 2010-03-01
Battle of Cunaxa 2010-03-01
Battle of Cynoscephalae 2010-03-01
Battle of Cyzicus 2010-03-01
Battle of Gaugamela 2010-03-01
Battle of Granicus 2010-03-01
Battle of Heraclea 2010-03-01
Battle of Himera 2010-03-01
Battle of Ipsus 2010-03-01
Battle of Issus 2010-03-01
Battle of Leuctra 2010-03-01
Battle of Lugdunum 2010-03-01
Battle of Magnesia 2010-03-01
Battle of Mantinea 2010-03-01
Battle of Marathon 2010-03-01
Battle of Pharsalus 2010-03-01
Battle of Plataea 2010-03-01
Battle of Pydna 2010-03-01
Battle of Salamis 2010-03-01
Battle of the Eurymedon 2010-03-01
Battle of the Mulvian bridge 2010-03-01
Battle of Thermopylae 2010-03-01
Beginning of Orthagoras' tyranny at Sicyon 2010-03-01
Beginning of the construction of the Erechtheum 2010-03-01
Beginning of the construction of the Parthenon 2010-03-01
Beginning of the construction of the wall of Hadrian 2010-03-01
Beginning of the Lelantine War 2010-03-01
Breaking out of the Antonine Plague 2010-03-01
Capture and death of Valerian 2010-03-01
Cataclysmic eruption on the volcanic island Thera 2010-03-01
Chilon ephor of Sparta 2010-03-01
Chremonidean War 2010-03-01
Cleisthenes' reform 2010-03-01
Coalition war against Antigonus 2010-03-01
Collapse of the Minoan civilization 2010-03-01
Conference of Carthage 2010-03-01
Construction of the Antonine Wall 2010-03-01
Corinthian War 2010-03-01
Council of Arles 2010-03-01
Council of Chalcedon 2010-03-01
Council of Nicaea 2010-03-01
Creation of the province of Achaia 2010-03-01
Dark Age in Greece 2010-03-01
Death of Alexander the Great 2010-03-01
Death of Antipater 2010-03-01
Death of Attalus III of Pergamum 2010-03-01
Death of Decius; Trebonianus Gallus emperor 2010-03-01
Death of Mani 2010-03-01
Death of Nicomedes IV, last king of Bithynia 2010-03-01
Death of Perdiccas 2010-03-01
Death of Seneca the Philosopher 2010-03-01
Death of Theodosius I 2010-03-01
Death of Vitellius; Vespasian is declared emperor by the senate 2010-03-01
Decline of the Mycenaean civilization and of the Hittite empire 2010-03-01
Dedication of the forum Traiani (Trajan's Forum) 2010-03-01
Dedication of Trajan's Column 2010-03-01
Defeat and execution of Magnus Maximus by Theodosius 2010-03-01
Delegation of Athenian philosophers to Rome 2010-03-01
Democratic revolution at Syracuse 2010-03-01
Deposition of Romulus Augustulus 2010-03-01
Destruction of Miletus 2010-03-01
Destruction of Thebes 2010-03-01
Dorian invasion 2010-03-01
Earthquake in Rhodes 2010-03-01
Edict of Galerius 2010-03-01
Edict of Milan 2010-03-01
Edicts and Council of Constantinople 2010-03-01
Emperorship and murder of Quintillus; Aurelian emperor 2010-03-01
Emperorship of Antoninus Pius 2010-03-01
Emperorship of Hadrian 2010-03-01
Emperorship of Trajan 2010-03-01
End of the tyranny in Athens 2010-03-01
Establishment of the Antonine constitution 2010-03-01
Establishment of the League of Corinth 2010-03-01
Establishment of the Panhellenion by Hadrian 2010-03-01
Establishment of the tetrarchy 2010-03-01
Establishment of the Thirty Tyrants at Athens 2010-03-01
Eviction of the Aeginetans by Athens 2010-03-01
Execution of Stilicho 2010-03-01
Expedition of the Ten Thousand 2010-03-01
Failed attempt at tyranny by Cylon at Athens 2010-03-01
Failed coalition against Athens led by Sparta 2010-03-01
Fifth Syrian War 2010-03-01
Final use of the ostracism law in Athens 2010-03-01
First annual archons in Athens 2010-03-01
First Dacian War 2010-03-01
First Illyrian War 2010-03-01
First Jewish Revolt 2010-03-01
First Macedonian War 2010-03-01
First Messenian War 2010-03-01
First Mithradatic War 2010-03-01
First production of a tragic play by Thespis 2010-03-01
First Punic War 2010-03-01
First recorded Olympic Games 2010-03-01
First Sacred War 2010-03-01
First Samnite War 2010-03-01
First Social War 2010-03-01
First Syrian War 2010-03-01
First tyranny of Pisistratus in Athens 2010-03-01
Forced inclusion of Sparta into the Achaean Confederacy 2010-03-01
Formation of the Delian League 2010-03-01
Formation of the Peloponnesian League 2010-03-01
Foundation of Al Mina 2010-03-01
Foundation of Antioch 2010-03-01
Foundation of Constantinople on the site of Byzantium 2010-03-01
Foundation of Massalia 2010-03-01
Foundation of Messene 2010-03-01
Foundation of Nicomedea 2010-03-01
Foundation of Rhodes 2010-03-01
Fourth Sacred War 2010-03-01
Fourth Syrian War 2010-03-01
Gallic Wars 2010-03-01
Gorgias' visit to Athens 2010-03-01
Governorship of Demetrius of Phaleron in Athens 2010-03-01
Great fire of Rome; Persecution of the Christians 2010-03-01
Great Sicilian Expedition 2010-03-01
Herodes Atticus consul 2010-03-01
Insurrection of Aristonicus 2010-03-01
Introduction of the cult of Cybele in Rome 2010-03-01
Invasion of Greece by the Heruli 2010-03-01
Invention of the black-figure technique 2010-03-01
Invention of the red-figure technique 2010-03-01
Ionian Revolt 2010-03-01
Italic War 2010-03-01
Jewish Revolt of the Maccabees 2010-03-01
Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon 2010-03-01
King's Peace 2010-03-01
Kingship of Croesus in Lydia 2010-03-01
Kingship of Cyrus the Great in Persia 2010-03-01
Kingship of Gyges in Lydia 2010-03-01
Kingship of Theopompus at Sparta 2010-03-01
Lamian War 2010-03-01
Laws of Draco 2010-03-01
Laws of Zaleucus 2010-03-01
Murder of Constantine II by his brother Constans 2010-03-01
Murder of Galba 2010-03-01
Murder of Geta 2010-03-01
Murder of Hipparchus by Harmodius and Aristogiton 2010-03-01
Murder of Hypatia 2010-03-01
Parthian Wars 2010-03-01
Partition at Triparadeisus 2010-03-01
Peace of Apamea 2010-03-01
Peace of Callias 2010-03-01
Peace of Nicias 2010-03-01
Peace of Philocrates 2010-03-01
Peace of the Dynasts 2010-03-01
Peloponnesian War 2010-03-01
Performance of Aeschylus' Oresteia 2010-03-01
Plague of Athens 2010-03-01
Proclamation of the Exiles' Decree 2010-03-01
Prohibition of the Bacchanalia in Rome 2010-03-01
Redaction of the Theodosian Code 2010-03-01
Reform of Ephialtes 2010-03-01
Reforms of Diocles at Syracuse 2010-03-01
Reign of Eumenes II in Pergamum 2010-03-01
Reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus in Egypt 2010-03-01
Revival of paganism 2010-03-01
Revolt of Andriscus 2010-03-01
Revolt of Bar Kokhba 2010-03-01
Revolt of Potidaea 2010-03-01
Revolt of Spartacus 2010-03-01
Revolt of Thasos 2010-03-01
Revolution of the Four Hundred at Athens 2010-03-01
Rivalry between Cleisthenes and Isagoras at Athens 2010-03-01
Sack of Athens by Sulla 2010-03-01
Sack of Delos 2010-03-01
Second Macedonian War 2010-03-01
Second Mithradatic War 2010-03-01
Second Persian War 2010-03-01
Second Punic War 2010-03-01
Second Sacred War 2010-03-01
Second Samnite War 2010-03-01
Second Social War 2010-03-01
Second Syrian War 2010-03-01
Settlement of Babylon 2010-03-01
Siege of Rhodes by Demetrius Poliorcetes 2010-03-01
Surrender of Athens to the Spartans 2010-03-01
Synod of the Oak 2010-03-01
The Greater Panathenaea 2010-03-01
The Palatial civilization of Crete 2010-03-01
Themistocles' naval policy at Athens 2010-03-01
Third Messenian War 2010-03-01
Third Mithradatic War 2010-03-01
Third Punic War 2010-03-01
Third Sacred War 2010-03-01
Third Samnite War 2010-03-01
Third Syrian War 2010-03-01
Thirty Years Peace 2010-03-01
Trial and execution of Socrates 2010-03-01
Trojan War 2010-03-01
Tyranny of Gelon in Sicily 2010-03-01
Usurpation of Avidius Cassius 2010-03-01
Usurpation of Eugenius 2010-03-01
War between Sparta and Olynthus 2010-03-01