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  • The Literary Encyclopedia. Volume : WORLD HISTORY AND IDEAS: A CROSS-CULTURAL VOLUME.

Articles on Anonymous' works

  1. Ancrene Wisse [Guide for Anchoresses]
  2. Andreas
  3. Apollodorus Bibliotheca [The Library of Apollodorus]
  4. Arden of Faversham
  5. Athelston
  6. Aucassin et Nicolette [Aucassin and Nicolette]
  7. Azarias
  8. Battle of Maldon
  9. Bay Psalm Book
  10. Beowulf
  11. Brut
  12. Chanson de Roland [Song of Roland]
  13. Chester Cycle of the Mystery Plays
  14. Christ and Satan
  15. Christ I
  16. Christ III
  17. Cleanness
  18. Cursor Mundi
  19. Daniel
  20. Deor
  21. Edda, the Poetic
  22. Egils Saga
  23. Encomium Emmae Reginum
  24. Eneida navyvarat [The Aeneid Inside Out]
  25. Everyman
  26. Exeter Book
  27. Exodus
  28. Genesis A
  29. Genesis B
  30. Gilgamesh
  31. Guthlac
  32. Guthlac B
  33. Historia von D. Johann Fausten [Chapbook of Dr Johann Faustus]
  34. Hrólfs saga kraka [The Saga of King Hrólf Kraki]
  35. Judith
  36. Katherine Group
  37. Kojiki [Record of Ancient Matters]
  38. Kudrun
  39. Mankind
  40. Medieval Polish Psalters
  41. Moriz von Craûn
  42. N-Town Cycle of the Mystery Plays
  43. Newgate Calendar
  44. Nibelungenlied
  45. Njáls Saga
  46. Old English Martyrology
  47. One Thousand and One Nights
  48. Patience
  49. Pearl
  50. Popol Vuh [Book of the Mat/ Book of the Community]
  51. Resignation
  52. Scottish Legendary
  53. Sendebar
  54. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  55. Sir Gowther
  56. Sir Isumbras
  57. Slovo o polku Igoreve [Igor's Tale]
  58. Taras na Parnase [Taras on Mount Parnassus]
  59. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
  60. The Assembly of Ladies
  61. The Battle of Brunanburh
  62. The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice
  63. The Brome 'Abraham and Isaac'
  64. The Castle of Perseverance
  65. The Creation Riddles of the Exeter Book
  66. The Croxton Play of the Sacrament
  67. The Digby Conversion of St Paul
  68. The Digby Play of the Mary Magdalene
  69. The Dream of the Rood
  70. The Female Tatler
  71. The Fight at Finnsburh
  72. The Heliand
  73. The Hildebrandslied
  74. The Husband's Message
  75. The Lang of Cockaygne
  76. The Life of King Edward who rests at Westminster
  77. The Old English Apollonius of Tyre
  78. The Old English Rune Poem
  79. The Old English Version of Bede’s <em>Historia ecclesiastica gentis anglorum</em>
  80. The Phoenix
  81. The Poems of The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
  82. The Pride of Life
  83. The Riming Poem
  84. The Rise and Progress of the Present Taste in Planting Parks, Pleasure Grounds and Gardens
  85. The Ruin
  86. The Seafarer
  87. The Seasons for Fasting
  88. The Taming of A Shrew
  89. The Wanderer
  90. The Wife's Lament
  91. Towneley Cycle of the Mystery Plays
  92. Tragedia del fin de Atawallpa [Tragedy of the Death of Atawallpa]
  93. Tretise of Miraclis Pleyinge
  94. Ur-Hamlet
  95. Vainglory
  96. Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes [Life of Lazarillo de Tormes]
  97. Waldere
  98. Waltharius
  99. Widsith
  100. Wisdom
  101. Wooing Group, Wohunge Group
  102. Wulf and Eadwacer
  103. York Cycle of the Mystery Plays

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