Rebellion against Parliament breaks out in Kent (136 words)

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In the spring of 1648, when Charles I was in the possesion of the Parliamentarians - under arrest at Carisbrooke Castle, on the Isle of Wight - riots broke out in support of the Royalist cause across the South East. In Kent, rebels quickly seized many key towns, including Canterbury, Rochester, Faversham and Sandwich. General Fairfax, who had been heading north to deal with the Scottish threat, was forced to divert to face this new challenge. However, the Parliamentarians-turned-Royalists were no match for the New Model Army, and when the two forces met at the Battle of Maidstone, it was a clear victory for Fairfax. Ultimately, this Royalist surge did not last long: with their defeat by the New Model Army at the Battle of Preston in …

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