Thomas Keneally: Schindler's Ark (2502 words)

  • Peter Pierce (Monash University)
  • The Literary Encyclopedia. Volume 9.1.1: Australian Writing and Culture.

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In 1980, Thomas Keneally was in Los Angeles on a book tour to promote Confederates, his novel of the American Civil War, and in particular of the battle of Antietam. The clasp on his briefcase had broken, so that he called into a Beverly Hills luggage store to buy a new bag. When the proprietor – Leopold Pfefferberg – discovered (without much prompting) that Keneally was a writer, he delivered a precious and unexpected gift. “It’s a story for you, I swear”. The story, as Keneally related in his Author’s Note to his novel Schindler’s Ark (1982), was the improbable one of Oskar Schindler, “the German bon vivant, speculator, charmer and sign of contradiction, and of his salvage of a cross-section of a …

Pierce, Peter. "Schindler's Ark". The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 03 January 2014
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