My Story of Schizophrenia Experiences

This is a story about a young woman who suffers from schizophrenia paranoid and who has to cope with the daily situation of her illness she explains how the disease plays a daily life experiences with hallucinations and delirious and hearing voices inside her head that tells her negative stuff about criticism voices that tormented her into being in an isolation part of her routine life and she has to meet doctors that can help her cure her disease and can be control of her emotions and the stress that causes her symptoms to appear from time to time and it has been a roller coaster with the downfalls of her condition that she has to adapt herself and take her medications to be in a great state of mind while she does her personal spiritual life at Church and her daily works of books in Amazon as a writer and as a Youtuber and other websites like Wattpad where she posted most of her daily books to be published soon that are special projects of which she dedicates herself to do it and other is selling clothing on Poshmark of used wardrove for clients who need it and a graphic designer she makes designs for their companies or small business in which she provides and inside designs for those clients who need the most like

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