Search Functions [Old Style]

These search functions are retained for users with browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 or earlier. If you are seeing this screen, either you have one of these superseded browsers and are advised to download Internet Explorer 7 from Microsoft (or the latest version of Firefox-Mozilla), or you just clicked on the topmost search option by mistake. If you are using an up-to-date browser, under "Searches" you should see a drop-down menu with the options "Main Searches" and "Other Searches". These offer more sophisticated functions than are available from this page.

Primary Searches

Person by Name

Enter Surname and Forename in any order; avoid initials


Works by Title

Enter one or more adjacent words from the title.


Topics & Events

Enter the Topic or Event. Whole single words are best.



Finds any match in any article; ranks results by frequency. Powerful but wholesale. For more exact searches, use those above. To match a phrase, enclose within double inverted commas, example:"garden of eden". To exclude a word, prefix with a minus sign, example: unconscious -Freud.



Other Searches and Tools

GlossaryThe Glossary is designed to float over other open windows and provide a lexicon of specialist terms. Go
Works & EventsWorks on the left, political and cultural events on the right; members can make their own.         Go        
Author TimelinesThree ways of displaying an author's life in relation to historical events. Go
Other ResourcesRecommended external resources according to genre, period and country. Go
Bookshelves Groups of articles relevant to particular topics; members can make their own. Go