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'Act of Satisfaction' for distribution of forfeited lands in Ireland 1653
'Animal electricity' discovered 1786
'Big Brother' movement 1925
'Big Sword' society broken by Chinese authorities 1896
'Black List' of firms in neutral countries issued 1916
'Bloody Sunday' at Socialist meeting in Trafalgar Square 1887
'Bloody Week' in Paris ends with defeat of the Commune 1871
'Book of Sports' allowed on Sundays 1633
'British' Bechuanaland is annexed to Cape Colony 1895
'Chambers of Reunion' meet at Metz, Breisach, Besançon and Tournai 1679
'Chicago 7' found not guilty 1970
'Darnel's case' sees five imprisoned Englishmen plead for release 1627
'Defenestration of Prague' starts the Thirty Years War 1618
'Dirty Wars' commence in Argentina 1976
'English Armada:' Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Norris undertake an expedition to Portugal 1589
'Four Bills' are presented to King by Parliament but rejected 1647
'Gang of Four' denounced and arrested 1976
'Iran-Contra' arms revelations 1986
'Jenkins' Ear' debate in Parliament urging war on Spain 1738
'June Days' in France, where thousands of Paris workmen are killed 1848

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