Becoming a Contributor

To create a contributor account, follow the steps to create a personal login (by clicking here), but stop short of paying. You will receive an e-mail giving you an account number. Please send this to Dr. Cristina Sandru at, who will convert your account to contributor status and record your proposed contribution in our online administration system.

Cristina will inform you when your account has been converted and you will then have full access to the publication. You will also receive regular electronic reports on the publication's development and be able to

  • download submission guide and forms
  • create a personal profile which will be accessible from your author byline
  • add items of recommended reading to any article in our system.
  • read our Company Reports and past circulars

Accessing submission information and guidelines once your account has been created

Once your account has been converted, please

House Style

We use the MLA format, with parenthetical page number (or act/ scene) references in text, and a list of works cited at the end of article. Recommended reading lists should be sent to Admin.