Recommended Internet resources for Genre, Genre Theory

Detailed breakdown of contemporary film genres
CLCWeb : Comparative Literature and Culture
Bakhtin, Genre Formation and the Cognitive Turn : Chronotypes as Memory Schemata

Article on Bakhtin and genre by Bart Keunen
Philip E. Agre’s Website
Designing Genres for New Media : Social, Economic and Political Contexts

A revised version of a manifesto for a course on conceptual design for new media
University of Köln
Poems, Plays, and Prose: A Guide to the Theory of Literary Genres

PPP (Poems, Plays, and Prose) is a work-in-progress website dedicated to the theory of literary genres. The documents include exercises and case studies. Together, they print out to around 100+ pages.
Philosophy of Science and Methodology on global/local analyses
The Dialectics of Discourse

Important essay on discourse by Norman Fairclough which uses theory of speech genres
The Victorian Web
Literary Genres and Modes

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