Sophia Papaioannou

Sophia Papaioannou (BA Crete, PhD Texas-Austin) is Associate Professor of Latin in the Department of Classics, Faculty of Philology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is the author of Epic Succession and Dissension, Berlin/New York 2005; Redesigning Achilles, Berlin/New York 2007; Plautus, Miles Gloriosus, With an Introduction, Translation and Commentary [in Greek], Athens 2009; and she has edited the collection of essays entitledTerence and Interpretation, Newcastle, 2014. She has coedited [with A.K. Petrides] New Perspectives on Postclassical Comedy, Newcastle 2010; and she has published several papers on Catullus, Augustan Poetry (primarily Vergil and Ovid), Imperial Literature (Lucan and Apuleius), Roman Comedy, and the Roman Novel. She is currently working on a commentary on Plautus' comedy Curculio, on the edition of a collection of essays on the role of animals in Greek and Roman religion and mythology, and on several papers on Roman Comedy and Latin Epic.