Bogdan Stefanescu

Dr. Bogdan Ștefănescu is Associate Professor at the English Department, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bucharest and editor-in-chief of University of Bucharest Review. He is the author of several books on British and European romanticism, nationalism and the comparative study of postcommunism and postcolonialism, including Postcommunism/Postcolonialism: Siblings of Subalternity, 2013 and Postcolonialism/Postcommunism. Dictionary of Key Terms, 2011 (co-author). Two of his books are forthcoming in the spring of 2014 from the University of Bucharest Press: Romanticism between Forma Mentis and Historical Profile (second edition) and Patrii din cuvinte (How to Make Nations with Words) . His literary translations (mostly from Romanian into English) have appeared individually or jointly in fifteen books from Romanian and US publishers and in various international periodicals. Dr. Ștefănescu is a fellow and grantee of the Fulbright Commission, the British Council, the University of London, the University of Stuttgart, the European Commission, and the New Europe College in Bucharest, a founding member of the Romanian Society for British and American Studies (member of the Directors' Board between 1992 - 1994), and he served as deputy director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York (2005-2007).