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chronology prepared by Philip Holden (National University of Singapore)

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DateAuthor EventsHistorical Events
, The Merseybeat Poetry Movement
1874 Lord Kelvin formally states the second law of thermodynamics
1874, February Strike of agricultural workers in eastern England
1874, February 02 In British general election Gladstone proposes to abolish income tax
1874, February 20
(to 1880, April 21)
Benjamin Disraeli becomes Prime Minister for the second time
1874, May 23 Trevelyan's bill for extension of household suffrage is defeated
1874, August 30 Factory Act (4)
1875 Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act
1875 Trade Disputes Act
1875, January 13 Gladstone resigns Liberal leadership
1875, February 03 Marquess of Hartington is elected Liberal leader
1875, April House of Commons votes to exclude 'strangers' when necessary
1875, August Lord Carnarvon discusses South African federation
1875, August Public Health Act in Britain
1875, September 29 Disraeli overrules a ruling requiring fugitive slaves to be restored
1876 William Clifford suggests that the motion of matter may be due to changes in the geometry of space
1876, August 12 Disraeli leaves the Commons on being created Earl of Beaconsfield
1876, September 06 Gladstone publishes 'The Bulgarian Horrors' and 'The Question of the East'
1876, November 01 Appellate Jurisdictions Act in Britain
1877, January 01 Queen Victoria proclaimed Empress of India
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