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chronology prepared by Fiona Evelyn Hamilton (University of Edinburgh)

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DateAuthor EventsHistorical Events
1864, September The reactionary Ramon Narvaez becomes premier of Spain
1865, June 29 Ramon Narvaez dismissed in Spain and replaced by Leopold O'Donnell
1867, November 05 Death of General O'Donnell in Spain
1868, September 29 Glorious Revolution: Liberal uprising in Spain
1868, September 30 Queen Isabella of Spain is declared deposed
1869, June 01 New Spanish Constitution continues monarchical government
1870, June 25 Isabella of Spain abdicates in Paris in favour of Alfonso XII
1870, July 12 Leopold of Hohenzollern's acceptance of the Spanish throne is withdrawn
1870, November Spanish monarchy is restored
1870, November 16 Amadeus, Duke of Aosta, elected King of Spain
1870, December 30 Marshal Prim dies in Spain, after being wounded by assassin
1872, April 26 Proclamation of Don Carlos as Charles VII of Spain leads to civil war
1873, April 23 Massive monarchist demonstrations in Madrid
1873, September 08 During Carlist risings Emilio Castelar is made ruler of Spain
1874, January 02 Emilio Castelar retires in Spain
1874, January 03 Marshal Francisco Serrano becomes dictator in Spain
1874, November 24 Alfonso declares for a constitutional monarchy in Spain
1874, December 29 Spanish military coup: Marshal Serrano regains power
1875, January 09 Alfonso XII lands at Barcelona, but Carlist War continues
1876, February 28 End of Carlist War with flight of Don Carlos
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