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A combined Spanish and French force storms Barcelona
Allied victory at Zaragoza
Allies fail to take Toulon by siege
Allies take Lille
Anglo-French truce
Battle for Nova Scotia
Battle of Blenheim
Battle of Carpi
Battle of Chiari
Battle of Malplaquet
Battle of Oudenarde
British and Portuguese enter Madrid
British are defeated at Almanza
British capture Minorca
British navy takes Barcelona
British plunder St Augustine in Florida in the war with Spain
British raise siege of Barcelona by French
British take Gibraltar
British take Port Royal (Annapolis) in Acadia
British take Sardinia
British troops are defeated at Brihuega
British victory at Alminara
Charles III enters Madrid but soon retires to Catalonia
Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene take Tournai
Duke of Marlborough begins his march to the Danube
Duke of Villars threatens Vienna
Emperor agrees to the Convention of Milan
French victory at Hochstadt
Grand Alliance between Britain, Holland and the Emperor against France
Louis XIV rejects peace preliminaries
Louis XIV tries to negotiate for peace
Marlborough and Prince Eugene take Mons
Marlborough captures Liège
Marlborough conquers Spanish Netherlands
Marlborough is victorious at Donauwörth
Marlborough meets Prince Eugene of Austria at Mandelsheim
Marlborough occupies the Electorate of Cologne
Marlborough takes Roermonde
Marlborough takes Venlo
Peace Congress opens at Utrecht
Peace negotiations for Europe are opened at Gertruydenberg
Portugal joins Grand Alliance
Prince Eugene defeats the French at Turin
Prince Eugene raids Cremona
Savoy joins the Grand Alliance
Second French and Indian War - also known as Queen Anne's War
Sir George Rooke seizes part of Spanish treasure fleet in Vigo Bay
Spain agrees to cede Gibraltar and Minorca to Britain
The Dutch are defeated by Villars at Denain
The French defeat Imperial troops at Villaviciosa
The Hague Conference for peace negotiations is opened
The Peace of Rastatt between France and Emperor
Treaty of Utrecht - Literary Responses
Treaty of Utrecht: end of the War of Spanish Succession
War of the Spanish Succession


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