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Agnes Beaumont
Charles Wesley
Daniel Defoe
Hugh Latimer
Jan Hus
Jean Calvin
Johannes Valentinus Andreae
John Bunyan
John Foxe
John Knox
John Milton
John Wesley
John Wyclif
Lady Eleanor Davies
Laurence Clarkson
Martin Bucer
Martin Luther
Miles Coverdale
Richard Baxter
Ulrich Zwingli
William Tyndale


'Root and Branch' petition to abolish Episcopacy
A list of heretical books including Tyndale's Bible is drawn up in London
Act of Uniformity
American Puritan Writing
Attempt to introduce licensing for Dissenting ministers
Brownist movement
Clapham Sect
Clarendon Code
Conventicles Act
Corporation Act
Dissenters' Chapels Act
Evangelical Movement
George Fox established the Society of Friends (Quakers )
German Baroque Mystics: European Connections
John Knox articulates a Calvinist constitution for the Church of Scotland
John Wyclif translates the Bible into English
John Wycliffe's works condemned
Lollards, Lollardy
Luther's Ninety-five Theses
Moravian settlement established in Saxony
Publication of the Tyndale New Testament
Spiritual Autobiography
Supremacy of the Pope challenged by John Wyclif
Test Acts
The English parliament passes strict laws against Protestant dissenters
The Glorious Revolution
The Presbyterian “Westminster Confession” adopted by Parliament
Ulrich Zwingli preaches evangelical sermons that challenge the Catholic church in Switzerland
Westminster Assembly
Westminster parliament adopts the Presbyterian solemn league and covenant


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