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Boccaccio and the Rise of the Novella in Germany
Byron in German Literature
Calderon in German Literature
Cervantes in German Literature
Contemporary Greek Novel
Dante's reception in the English-speaking world
Dawn Poetry - Alba and Aubade
Dreams in European Literature
Early Modern Voyages of Discovery and Travel Writing
Femmes Fatales in European Romanticism
German Baroque Literature
Goethe in European Romanticism
Goethe's Mignon and Her Reception
Goethe’s Werther in World Literature
Heine’s Lorelei and Her Reception
Heinrich Heine's Reception in Romance Literatures
Heroines: Their Development in European Narratives
Katabatic narratives
Literary Adaptations into Comic/Graphic Novel Form
Literary Translation
Madame de Staël in Goethe's Weimar 1803-04
Modern Persian (Iranian) Fiction
Novalis's reception among New England's Romantic poets
Orality, Oral Culture, Print Culture
Pastoral Novel
Petrarch and Charles IV
Petrarch in German Literature
Picaresque novel
Polish Baroque Literature
Prometheus in European Literature
Reception of the Antigone
Renaissance Humanism
Romanian literary history and criticism up to 1947
Scepticism and Shakespeare
Shakespeare in German Literature
Shakespeare in Opera
Shostakovich and Literature
The Alhambra Motif and Orientalism
The Fantastic in Romanian Literature
The French Revolution of 1789 in European Narratives
The Renaissance in Literature
The Superfluous Man in Russian Literature
Tragedy of Fate [Schicksalstragödie]
Travel Literature in Antiquity
Weltliteratur [World Literature]
World as a Stage - Theatrum Mundi


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