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Alexander von Humboldt
Bayard Taylor
Captain James Cook
Cecil Rhodes
Charles Wilkins Webber
Christopher Columbus
David Livingstone
Ferdinand Magellan
George Anson
George Frederick Ruxton
Henry Morton Stanley
J. Hector St John de Crèvecoeur
Jean de Léry
John Bartram
John Cabot
John Charles Frémont
John Hanning Speke
John Lawson
John Muir
John Smith
John Wesley Powell
Jonathan Carver
Marco Polo
Mungo Park
Paul Belloni Du Chaillu
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Roald Amundsen
Robert F. Scott
Samuel de Champlain
Sir Francis Drake
Sir John Franklin
Sir John Mandeville
Sir Richard Burton
Sir Walter Ralegh
Sir William Parry
Thomas Harriot
Thomas Morton
Vasco Da Gama
William Reade
William Baffin
William Dampier
Woodes Rogers


Arab navigators perfect the astrolabe and travel to China
Balboa crosses the Isthmus of Panama and sees the Pacific
Bantry Bay expedition fails through gales
Captain Bering reaches Alaska
Christopher Columbus discovers what will later be called “America”
Columbus's expedition departs Palos, Spain
Dirk Hartog lands on west coast of Australia
Drake's Circumnavigation of the Globe
Early Modern Voyages of Discovery and Travel Writing
Exploration of the Darling and Castlereagh Rivers
First circumnavigation of the world by the fleet of Ferdinand Magellan
Francis Drake discovers San Francisco Bay
French colony established in Canada by Jacques Cartier
French expedition maps Australia's north-west coast
George Bass explores the south-east coast of Australia
Greenland discovered
Henry Hudson enters Hudson’s Bay
James Cook lands in Botany Bay
James Cook lands in New Zealand at Poverty Bay
John Cabot reaches Newfoundland
Leo Africanus explores Timbuktu, Gao, Katsina, Kano and Lake Chad
Path across the Australian Blue Mountains discovered
Pedro Alvares Cabral travels to Brazil and then to India
Simon Ferdinando lands in Maine
Sir John Franklin's third voyage to the Arctic
Sir Walter Ralegh sails for Guiana
Strait of Belle Isle and St Lawrence explored by Jacques Cartier
Tasman lands in Van Dieman's Land
The Cape of Good Hope is explored by Bartolome Dias
The Congo - from H M Stanley's navigation in 1877 to the Congo Free State, 1885-1908
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Verrazzano explores New York Bay and Newfoundland
Zheng He, the Chinese Admiral, begins his seven voyages in the Indian Ocean