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Oliver Cromwell


'Four Bills' are presented to King by Parliament but rejected
Act for the support of impoverished prisoners passed by the English Parliament
Act forbidding trade with the Royalist colonies of Virginia, Bermuda, Barbados and Antigua
Act outlawing the publication of unlicensed material passed by the English Parliament
Appointment of the Council of State
Army occupies London
Basing House falls to Parliamentarians after a siege
Battle of Aberdeen
Battle of Adwalton Moor
Battle of Alford
Battle of Auldern
Battle of Chalgrove Field
Battle of Cheriton
Battle of Cropredy Bridge
Battle of Dunbar
Battle of Hieton
Battle of Hopton Heath
Battle of Inverkeithing
Battle of Kilsyth
Battle of Lansdowne
Battle of Maidstone
Battle of Marston Moor
Battle of Philiphaugh
Battle of Powick Bridge
Battle of Preston
Battle of Roundaway Down
Battle of Rowton Heath
Battle of St Fagans
Battle of Stow on the Wold
Battle of Torrington
Battle of Winceby
Battle of Worcester
Berwick and Carlisle seized
Bristol retaken by Parliamentary army
Bristol taken by Royalists
Cavalier newsheet Mercurius Aulicus published in Oxford
Cavaliers lose Bradford
Cavaliers take Marlborough
Charles I accuses several MPs of treason
Charles I becomes a prisoner of the army
Charles I escapes but is captured
Charles I fails to take control of the arsenal at Kingston upon Hull
Charles I formally declares war
Charles I is secured for the army by Cornet Joyce
Charles I leaves London
Charles I offers some concessions
Charles I recaptured
Charles I surrenders to the Scots at Newark
Charles I tries unsuccessfully to escape
Charles II arrives in Edinburgh
Charles II arrives in Scotland and agrees to the Covenant
Charles II escapes to France
Charles II invades England with a Scottish army
Charles II proclaimed King in Edinburgh
Charles II signs the Treaty of Breda
Charles offers the Scots an unacceptable deal
City of Waterford surrenders to Parliament
Colchester surrenders to Parliament
Colonel Poyner refuses to disband his troops
Committee of Both Kingdoms (England and Scotland) established
Commons vote to disband most of the army
Commonwealth ambassador to Madrid, Anthony Ascham, murdered by Royalists
Council of State decides to invade Scotland
County magazine at Bury St Edmunds seized by Royalist supporters
Cromwell becomes Lieutenant-General of the New Model Army
Death of John Pym
Dr Dorislaus, the Commonwealth envoy in The Hague, is murdered by Royalists
Drogheda is stormed and massacred
Earl of Essex lays siege to Reading
Earl of Essex marches Parliamentary armies towards the Midlands
Earl of Essex surrenders at Fowey
Earl of Inchiquin switches allegiance from the Confederation of Kilkenny to Parliament
Earl of Montrose escapes from the Highlands
Earl of Montrose leads Royalist rebellion in Scotland
Earl of Warwick pursues Prince Rupert back to Holland
Edinburgh surrenders to Oliver Cromwell
Election of Agitators to present Army grievances to Parliament
Engagement Act passed by the English Parliament
Engager Army led by Lord Hamilton crosses the English border
England proclaimed as a Commonwealth
English army presents proposals to the King which are rejected
English Civil War
English engage in an amphibious operation across the Firth of Forth
English Parliament adopts Presbyterianism
English Parliament dismissed
English Parliament reassembles
English Parliament rejects Charles I's offer of further concessions
Essex returns to London
Establishment of a High Court of Justice
Execution of Archbishop Laud
Execution of Charles I
Fairfax takes Wakefield from Royalists
First Battle of Newbury
First Ordinance for Sequestration
First Ormond Peace proclaimed in Dublin
First period of the Commonwealth of England
Galway, last Royalist port in the British Isles, surrenders to Parliament
Guernsey surrenders to Parliamentary forces
Henrietta Maria lands with supplies at Bridlington
Henry Ireton dies at Limerick
Indecisive battle of Edgehill
Independents and radicals purge the Navy and dockyards
Ireton lays siege to Limerick
Irish Catholics defeat Scots at Benburb
Irish defeated by Parliamentary forces at Dangan Hill
Irish rebels capture Bonratty Castle from Parliament
Irish rebels take Duncannon
Isle of Man surrenders to Parliamentary forces
Jersey surrenders to Parliamentary forces
John Lilburne acquitted of the charge of sedition
Kentish rebellion assisted by a mutiny in the Downs
Large part of the Royalist squadron destroyed at Cartagena
Leicester attacked by Prince Rupert
Leveller leaders arrested on charges of sedition
Levellers publish Remonstrance of Many Thousand Citizens
Levellers' mutiny crushed at Burford
Lord Hopton surrenders
Lords reject Self-Denying Ordinance
Marquis of Montrose is appointed Captain-General by Charles II in Scotland
Marquis of Montrose is hung in Edinburgh
Militia Act
Montrose is defeated at Carbisdale
Mutiny of garrisons in South Wales
Negotiations between Royalists and Parliamentarians open at Oxford
New Model Army Ordinance
Newcastle-upon-Tyne captured by the Scots
Nineteen Propositions rejected by Charles I
Oliver Cromwell conquers Ireland
Oliver Cromwell conquers Scotland
Oliver Cromwell crosses the border into Scotland
Oliver Cromwell defeats Royalists at Grantham
Oliver Cromwell flees from Parliament to the army
Oliver Cromwell is victorious at Langport
Oliver Cromwell lands at Dublin with an English army
Oliver Cromwell takes Gainsborough
Oliver Cromwell takes Perth
Oliver Cromwell takes power from the purged Rump Parliament
Oxford surrenders to Parliament
Parliament abolishes the Monarchy
Parliament decides to incorporate Scotland into a single Commonwealth with England
Parliament endorses trial of the King
Parliament opens negotiations with Charles I
Parliament passed the Vote of No Addresses
Parliament passes the Act of Pardon and Oblivion
Parliament rejects Charles I's concessions
Parliament suppresses Christmas
Parliament takes the Isles of Scilly
Parliament's first official newsbook published
Parliament's western forces are defeated at Stratton
Parliamentary 'Declaration' sets out Charles I's misdeeds
Parliamentary alliance with Scotland is confirmed
Parliamentary Commissioners go with Charles I to Holdenby House
Pendennis Castle surrenders to Parliament
Plymouth relieved by Parliamentary warships
Presbyterians stir up London against the army
Pride's Purge
Prince Rupert arrives at Kinsale
Prince Rupert is unable to break Robert Blake's blockade
Prince Rupert leaves Kinsale
Prince Rupert leaves the Targus with the Royalist fleet
Prince Rupert sails from Holland accompanied by the Royalist fleet
Prince Rupert's York March
Putney Debates
Queen Henrietta Maria flees to France
Raglan Castle surrenders
Rebellion against Parliament breaks out in Kent
Rebellion against Parliament emerges in Essex
Reign of King Charles I
Robert Blake blockades the Royalist fleet at Kinsale
Robert Blake captures Jersey for Parliament
Robert Blake re-engages and blockades Prince Rupert in the Tagus
Roundheads take Winchester
Royalist army defeats Parliament
Royalist attack on Plymouth repelled
Royalist coup in Dublin
Royalist fleet under Prince Rupert sails from Holland to Ireland
Royalist power in the Irish Sea ended with the capture of the Swan off Dublin
Royalist troops sail from Ireland to North Wales
Royalist victory at Inverlochy
Royalists abandon siege of Lyme
Royalists at the Isles of Scilly surrender
Royalists captured Brentford
Royalists in Holland joined by the rebel fleet
Royalists lose Carlisle
Royalists lose Winchester
Royalists regain Pembrokeshire
Rump Parliament gathers
Scots give Charles I to Parliament
Scots invade England
Scots invade England precipitating the Second Civil War
Second Battle of Newbury
Secret treaty between Charles I and the Scots
Self-Denying Ordinance is passed by the House of Lords
Siege of Chester
Siege of Colchester
Siege of Dartmouth
Siege of Exeter
Siege of Gloucester
Siege of Hereford
Siege of Pembroke
Siege of Plymouth abandoned by Royalists
Siege of Worcester
Siege of Youghal lifted
Sir Thomas Fairfax takes Leeds for Parliamentarians
Surrender of Charles I
Surrender of Pembroke Castle to Oliver Cromwell
Surrender of Portsmouth to Parliament
Talks at Oxford between Royalists and Parliamentarians break down
The 'Representation of the Army' sets out grievances
The Book of Common Prayer to be replaced by the Presbyterian Directory of Worship
Treason Act
Trial of Charles I
Truce signed with Confederation of Kilkenny
Uxbridge Treaty negotiations begin and then fail
Wallingford Castle falls
Westminster parliament adopts the Presbyterian solemn league and covenant
Wexford is sacked
York surrenders to Parliament