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Maximilien de Robespierre


“The Directory” -- New French Constitution
Abortive French attempt to invade Ireland
Alexander Hood occupies Toulon
All Baltic trade with France prohibited
Alliance of San Ildefonso
Archduke Charles defeats Jourdan at Würzburg
Archduke Charles defeats Massena at Zurich
As First Consul, Bonaparte moves into Tuileries
Austria and France conclude the Peace of Luneville
Austria declares war on France
Austria signs armistice with France
Austrians defeat Jourdan's army at Stockach
Austro-Prussian alliance against France
Austro-Russian army is defeated at Bergen-op-Zoom
Babeuf's plot to restore constitution of 1793 fails
Bailly becomes mayor of Paris and La Fayette commander of National Guard
Battle of Cassano
Battle of Fleurus
Battle of Jemappes
Battle of Marengo
Battle of the Nile (Aboukir)
Battle of the Pyramids
Battle of The Trebbia
Battle of Valmy
Belgium incorporated with France
Bonaparte advances into Syria
Bonaparte advises the Directory against an invasion of England
Bonaparte annexes Piedmont
Bonaparte appointed to command invasion of England
Bonaparte arrives in Paris
Bonaparte consul for life
Bonaparte defeats Austrians at Rivoli
Bonaparte leaves Egypt
Bonaparte promises Tuscany to Duke of Parma
Bonaparte reaappoints Talleyrand
Bonaparte takes Toulon
Bonaparte's army crosses Great St. Bernard Pass
Bread riots in Paris
Britain captures colonies but abandons Corsica
British force occupies Corsica
British land at Quiberon
Christianity abolished In France
Cisalpine Republic proclaimed
Cispadane Republic established
Civil Constitution of the Clergy in France
Committee of Public Safety takes control of the Terror in France
Corsica occupied by the British
Count Jourdan crosses Rhine
Counter-revolutionary invasion of Brittany is unsuccessful
Coup d’etat of 30 Prairal in Paris
Coup of 18 Fructidor, year V, in Paris
Danton and Camille Desmoulins executed
Danton's Jacobins wrest power from Girondins
Death of Mirabeau
Declaration of Pillnitz
Directory established in Batavian Republic
Directory refuse negotiations with Britain
Duke of Orléans executed
Duke of York capitulates at Alkmaar
Dumouriez deserts to the allies
End of the Terror; Fall of Robespierre
Execution of Hébertistes
Execution of Louis XVI
Fall of the Bastille
Fall of the Girondins in France
Fear of invasion by Napoleon's Army of England
Ferdinand IV declares war against France
Festival of Champ de Mars
Financial crisis in France
First Coalition against France
France annexes Avignon
France annexes Savoy and Nice
France annexes the Valtelline and Chiavenna
France declares war on Austria (the War of the First Coalition)
France declares war on Britain and Holland
France declares war on Naples
France declares war with Spain
France divided into eighty administrative departments
France occupies Bern
France occupies Ionian Islands
France puts forward peace-feelers to Britain
Freedom of the press in France
Freedom of worship in France
French Assembly of Notables convened
French capture Mayence
French clergy required to take oath
French Concordat with Catholic church
French Declaration of the Rights of Man
French defeated at Magnano
French defeated at Novi
French Estates-General meet
French Executive Directory founded
French fail attempt to invade Ireland
French invade Spain
French land in Ireland
French law fixes wages and maximum prices
French national assembly abolishes exemptions from taxes
French National Convention meets
French occupation of Hanover
French occupy Tuscany
French recapture Rome and invade Naples
French Republic proclaimed
French Revolution
French Revolution: Storming of the Bastille
French take Malta
French take Rome
French troops invade Holland
French troops overrun Holland
French troops reach Rhine
French troops take Charleroi
French victory at Weissenburg
French Wars
Girondins form ministry in France
Guillotine first used
Holy Roman Empire declares war on France
Honoré Mirabeau secret agent of the Crown
Howe defeats French fleet in English Channel
Introduction of Fifth Constitution in France
Issue of Assignats (paper money)
Jacobins and Anti-Jacobins
Jacobins and Cordeliers gain prominence in Paris
Jean Moreau crosses the Rhine
Joachim Murat occupies Milan
Joubert occupies Piedmont
Jourdan driven back as he invades Franconia
Jourdan invades Germany
Kléber's French army defeats Turks
La Vendée: revolt against French revolution
Legislative Assembly meets
Lemanic Republic proclaimed
Leopold II calls on powers to support Louis XVI
Levy of male population capable of serving France
Louis XVI caught at Varennes
Louis XVI flees Paris
Louis XVI obliged to leave Versailles
Louis XVI summons States-General for July 1792
Louis XVI summons the States-General
Louis XVI vetoes Assembly decree
Luxembourg capitulates to French
Mantua surrenders to French
Marat is murdered
Marie Antoinette guillotined
Massacre of the Champ de Mars
Massacres in Paris
Mirabeau elected President of French Assembly
Mirabeau establishes reputation in the Séance Royale
Mob invade Tuileries
Moreau defeats Austrians at Biberach
Moreau defeats Austrians at Höchstedt
Moreau defeats Austrians at Hohenlinden
Mutiny quelled in Nancy
Napoleon annexes Parma and Piacenza
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte abandons siege of Acre
Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Turks
Napoleon Bonaparte lands at Fréjus
Napoleon Bonaparte seizes power
Napoleon defeats Austrians at Arcole
Napoleon defeats Wurmser
Napoleon founds Ligurian Republic
Napoleon stopped at Acre by Sir Sidney Smith
National Assembly dissolved
National Assembly members forbidden to accept office
Necker's dismissal implies royalist coup d'état
New conscription law in France
New Constitution in France
New French Constitution
New French offensive in Netherlands
New issue of Assignats depreciates French currency
Occupied Lands compelled to accept French institution
Paris commune abolished
Paris municipality reorganised and religious houses supressed
Paris: Royal Palace of Tuileries sacked
Parlement of Paris deprived of rights
Peace conference of Rastadt
Peace of Basle
Peace of La Jaunaie
Peace of Versailles
Peace with France
Pichegru leads French victory at Tourcoing
Plot to assassinate Bonaparte discovered
Popular insurrection in Paris
Possible US war with France
Preparations for violence in Paris
Prominent Girondins executed by guillotine
Property of Church nationalised
Prussia withdraws troops from war
Prussia yields lands on left bank of Rhine
Prussian and Austrian troops invade France
Prussians take Longwy and Verdun
Revised constitution framed
Revolutionary Commune established
Rioters prevent Louis XVI's journey to St. Cloud
Robespierre and St. Just join Public Safety Committee
Roman Republic proclaimed
Royal family imprisoned
Royal Navy withdraws from Mediterranean
Royalist rebellion in Paris
Royalists begin to emigrate
Russia, disgusted with Austria, leaves Coalition
Russians defeated by Masséna at Zurich
Sardinia cedes Savoy and Nice to France
Schérer defeats Austrians at Loano
Second Coalition against France
Secret treaty of San Ildefonso
Sir Ralph Abercromby achieved victories at Aboukir and Alexandria
Spain and France give Portugal ultimatum
Spain signs peace with France
Supression of Vendée and Brittany revolts
Surviving Girondists admitted to Convention
Talleyrand becomes French foreign minister
Talleyrand retires from ministry of foreign affairs
The Great Terror in France
The White Terror
Tom Paine elected to the National Convention
Treaty of Campo Formio: peace between Austria and France
Treaty of Montluçon
Treaty of Tolentino
Trial of Louis XVI
Turkey declares war on France
Tuscany makes peace with France
Vendéans defeated at Cholet
Vendéans defeated at Le Mans
War of Second Coalition begins
War of the First Coalition


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