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Allies enter Paris
Anti-Liberal Holy Alliance formed
Armistice of Poischwitz
Austria declares war against Napoleon
Austria supports France
Austrian forces enter France
Battle of Austerlitz, Moravia
Battle of Bautzen
Battle of Borodino
Battle of Dresden
Battle of Eylau
Battle of Freidland
Battle of Jena and Auerstadt
Battle of La Rothière
Battle of Laon
Battle of Leipzig
Battle of Talavera
Battle of the Nations
Battle of Ulm
Battle of Vitoria
Battle of Wagram
Britain blockaded by Napoleon
Britain declares war on France
British defeat French at Corunna
British take control of French and Dutch colonies in South Asia
Congress of Vienna closes
Convention of Cintra
Convention of Tauroggen
Disaster for French retreating across the Beresina
Duke of Wellington enters Madrid
England fears French invasion
First Peace of Paris
France and her allies blockaded by the British navy
France annexes Austria
France annexes northern German cities
French defeat under Michel Ney
French defeated at Grossbeeren
French defeated at Katzbach
French expelled from Holland
French occupy and then retreat from Moscow
French re-occupy Swedish Pomerania and Rügen
French troops enter Naples
Holy Roman Empire replaced with Confederation of the Rhine by Napoleon
Joseph Bonaparte becomes King of Naples
Joseph Bonaparte made king of Spain
Laon falls to French troops
Ligurian Republic united with France
Malet conspires to dethrone Napoleon
Metternich agrees to peace congress
Murat defeated at Tolentino
Murat deserts Napoleon and joins allies
Murat shot
Napoleon abdicates for second time
Napoleon begins retreat from Moscow
Napoleon crosses River ViIna
Napoleon defeats Prussian and Russian armies
Napoleon exiled to St Helena
Napoleon forces Prussia to reduce army
Napoleon lands in France
Napoleon leaves troops with Murat
Napoleon marches into Russia
Napoleon proclaimed King of Italy
Napoleon refuses to accept 1792 French frontier
Napoleon threatens to invade Berlin
Napoleon’s Grand Army leaves Boulogne; end of fear of invasion in England
Napoleon’s Hundred Days
Papal States occupied and annexed by France
Paris surrounded: Allies enter the city triumphantly
Peace of Pressburg
Peninsular War
Prussia and Russia form alliance at Kalisch
Prussia declares war against France
Prussia declares war on France
Prussians cross the Rhine
Quadruple Alliance of Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia
Russia defeated at Smolensk
Schwarzenberg defeats French at Bar-sur-Aube
Second Peace of Paris
Secret treaty between Austria, Britain and France
Spain declared neutral
Treaties of Tilsit
Treaty of Chaumont
Treaty of Fontainebleau
Treaty of Reichenbach
Treaty of Ried
Treaty of Teplitz: confirms Reichenbach agreement
Treaty of Valençay
US Embargo Act against Britain and France
Victories achieved at Burgos and Vitoria by the Duke of Wellington
War of 1812
War of Third Coalition begins
Wellesley defeats French under Soult
Wellington captures Bordeaux
Wellington defeats French under Marmont
Wellington defeats French under Soult
White Terror in Southern France