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4,000 English troops arrive in France to aid Henry of Navarre
A French army under the Duke of Anjou enters Cambrai
A Spanish force lands in Brittany to join forces with the League
A truce in the French War is signed at Marigny
Amiens falls to Henry IV
Anglo-French expedition to dislodge the Spanish from Brittany
Army to support the French Huguenots crosses the River Loire
Assassination of Henry IV of France
Battle of Arques
Battle of Coultras
Battle of Dormans: Catholics defeat the Protestants
Battle of Dreux
Battle of Jarnac: Huguenots defeated by French royalists
Beaune, Dijon and Autun revolt against Henry IV
Cambrai falls to the Spanish
Catherine de' Medici and Henry of Navarre meet near Cognac
Catherine de' Medici and the Duke of Alva plan eradication of Protestantism
Catholic League army lays siege to Meulan
Catholic League declares Navarre incapable of inheriting the throne
Catholic League orders Henry III to purge Huguenot sympathisers
Catholic troops capture Le Havre from the English
Charles de Gontaut, duc de Biron, executed by Henry IV of France for high treason
Chartres surrenders to Henry IV
Constable of France promises liberty of worship to Huguenots
D'Epernon submits to Henry IV and south-east of France is pacified
Day of the Barricades
Duke of Anjou prevents the Huguenot army from moving south to Poitou
Duke of Mayenne, new head of the Catholic League, enters Paris
Earl of Denbigh's squadron fails to relieve La Rochelle
Earl of Lindsey's fleet fails to relieve La Rochelle
Edict d'Alès (France) suppressing places of refuge of Protestants
Edict of Amboise
Edict of Boulogne
Edict of Nantes
Edict of Orleans suspends persecution of the Huguenots
Edict of St. Germain recognises the Huguenots in France
Elizabeth I sends 3000 men to aid Henry IV
England at war with France
English troops occupy Le Havre
English, Spanish and French ships defeat the Comte de Soubise
Evacuation of English troops from the Ile de Ré
Failed attempt to rescue Alençon and Navarre from the French court
Fifth civil war in French Wars of Religion
First civil war in the French Wars of Religion
Fourth civil war in the French Wars of Religion
France allies with Saxony against Charles V
France at War with United Provinces of the Netherlands
France declares war on Spain
France: Prince de Condé arrested
Francis, Duke of Guise, is assassinated
François Duke of Anjou (formerly Alençon) joins the Huguenots
French bishops accept Henry IV as King of France
French defeat the Spanish fleet at Guetaria
French Victory over the Spanish at Rocroi
Fronde leaders, including Condé, are imprisoned
Governor of Rouen surrenders to Henry IV
Gregory XIV excommunicates Henry IV of France
Guise enters Paris
Henry Duke of Guise and Louis Cardinal of Guise are assassinated
Henry III agrees to all the Duke of Guise's demands
Henry III and Henry of Navarre sign a truce to oppose the Catholic League
Henry III arranges the assassination of Henry, Duke of Guise
Henry III denounces the 1576 Edict of Beaulieu
Henry III escapes to Chartres
Henry III forbids the Duke of Guise to enter Paris
Henry III gains Swiss mercenaries for defence against Catholic League
Henry III is assassinated by Jacques Clement, a fanatical monk
Henry III is met by Henry of Navarre and the Duke of Alençon
Henry III's army begin to threaten Paris
Henry IV (of Navarre) establishes his headquarters at Tours
Henry IV abjures Protestantism in order to gain power in France
Henry IV attacks Paris from the north, causing famine in the capital
Henry IV begins the siege of La Fère
Henry IV captures the Paris faubourgs of St Jacques and St Germain
Henry IV enters Paris
Henry IV expels the Jesuits from certain areas of France
Henry IV is crowned King of France at Chartres
Henry IV lays siege to Dreux
Henry IV routs Mayenne's Leaguer army at Ivry and marches to Paris
Henry IV takes Noyon in Picardy
Henry of Navarre captures Talmont and Fontenay in Poitou
Henry of Navarre escapes from Paris and rejoins the Huguenots
Henry of Navarre is recognised as head of the Huguenot Party
Henry of Navarre marries Margaret of Valois
Huguenot army fights an indecisive battle in Burgundy
Huguenot conspiracy at Amboise fails
Huguenot forces attempt the siege of Poitiers
Huguenot revolt led by the Comte de Soubise
Huguenots in France
Huguenots massacred at Vassy
Jesuit Jean Châtel attempts to assassinate Henry IV
John Casimir leads a German Protestant army to support the Huguenots
John Casimir of the Palatinate signs an alliance with Henry of Navarre
John Casimir signs a treaty with the French Huguenot leaders
La Rochelle falls
La Rochelle resists authority of Louis XIII
Laon is taken
Le Mans and Bayeux surrender to Henry IV
League supporters rebel; Henry of Navarre defeats them at the Battle of Ivry
Lyon declares for Henry IV
Margaret of Valois is betrothed to Henry of Navarre
Metz, Verdun and Toul occupied by the French
Nine Years War, War of the League of Augsburg, War of the Grand Alliance, King Williams' War, War of the English Succession
Peace at Montpellier between Catholics and Protestants in France
Philip II opens peace negotiations with Henry IV
Pope Clement VIII recognises Henry IV as King of France
Pope Sixtus V excommunicates Henry of Navarre
Prince of Condé raises the siege of Orleans
Protestant Henry of Navarre becomes heir of France
Reign of Henri IV of France
Reign of King Henry IV
Reign of Louis XIII of France
Revolt of the Prince de Condé
Ribault establishes a Huguenot colony in Florida
Second civil war in the French Wars of Religion
Seventh civil war in French Wars of Religion
Sixth civil war in the French Wars of Religion
Spanish Road cut off by the surrender of Breisach
St. Bartholomew Day's Massacre
States-General suggest giving the French Crown to Duke of Guise
The decrees of Folembray end the war of the Catholic League
The Duke of Anjou fails to reduce the Huguenot stronghold of La Rochelle
The Duke of Anjou forces Henry III to release the Duke of Montmorency
The Duke of Anjou's army joins with John Casimir's army at Moulins
The Duke of Biron is sent with a substantial army to lay siege to Amiens
The Duke of Guise defeats a German force near Chartres
The Duke of Guise forces a Huguenot army back across the River Marne
The Duke of Guise secures an Estates-General opposed to the Huguenots
The Duke of Guise surrenders Champagne to Henry IV
The Duke of Mercoeur in Brittany sues for terms from Henry IV
The Duke of Parma forces Henry IV to raise the siege of Paris
The Duke of Parma strengthens the Leaguer garrison of Paris
The French States-General agree to support the young Duke of Guise
The Huguenot Lesdiguières takes Grenoble for Henry IV
The Prince of Condé and John Casimir of the Palatinate invade France
The Sixteen establish a revolutionary government in Paris
The Spanish stronghold of La Fère capitulates to the French
Third civil war in the French Wars of Religion
Valenciennes, hotbed of Calvinist disturbances, surrenders
War between Spain and France
Wars of the League