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Malcolm X
Martin Luther King
Rosa Parks


Assassination of Martin Luther King
Birmingham, Alabama, church bombing kills four
Black Power
Bodies of three Civil Rights workers found in Philadelphia, Mississippi
Civil Rights Bill
Civil Rights march in Selma, Alabama, attacked by police
Civil Rights march in Washington, DC; Martin Luther King's ‘I Have A Dream’ speech
Civil Rights Movement
De-segregation of American Schools
First black mayors in U.S.
First black Supreme Court Justice
First black woman elected to Congress
Integration at University of Mississippi
Little Rock School-bussing crisis
Malcolm X assassinated
Martin Luther King spearheads national campaign to end race discrimination
Medgar Evers assassinated
NAACP founded
Outbreak of 'Watts' race riots in Los Angeles
President Johnson signs Civil Rights Act
Race riots across the United States and North America
Race riots in Montgomery, Alabama
Race riots in Newark and Detroit
Race riots in Oxford, Mississippi, over enrolment of first black university student
Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus in Alabama
Southern Manifesto: Massive Resistance
Start of Freedom rides anti-racism campaign
Ten shot in Mississippi race riots
The Black Panther Party
The sit-in movement begins
The US organization
University of Alabama desegregated
US Federal troops deployed to Arkansas to reinforce antisegregation laws
US Supreme Court declares Bus Segregation Laws illegal
US Voting Rights Act


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