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Sir Thomas More
Thomas Cranmer


1552 Prayer Book rejected
A list of heretical books including Tyndale's Bible is drawn up in London
Act in Restraint of Appeals
Act of Supremacy
Act of Uniformity 2
Acts of Succession
Anne Askew is burnt at Smithfield for denying transubstantiation
Anti-papal iconoclasm in southern England
Archbishop Edward Grindal suspended for refusing to suppress Puritanism
Bible, The King James Authorised Version
Bishop Hooper of Gloucester is burnt at Smithfield for heresy
Bishop Latimer is sent to the Tower of London
Bishops Shaxton and Latimer resign on doctrinal grounds
Bothwell carries off Mary Queen of Scots to Dunbar
Cardinal Pole is sent to return Henry VIII to the Church of Rome
Cardinal Wolsey dissolves 22 religious houses
Carthusian monks are executed at Tyburn
Carthusian monks are found guilty of treason
Catholic Enterprise to depose Elizabeth I is revealed
Coronation of Elizabeth I
Cranmer pronounces Anne Boleyn's marriage to Henry VIII lawful
Death of Elizabeth I
Dissolution of the Monasteries
Divorce crisis between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
Edmund Campion is executed
Edmund Campion is seized
Eighth and last session of the 'Reformation Parliament'
Elizabeth I signs the death warrant against Mary Queen of Scots
Elizabeth resists Parliament's demands to execute Mary Queen of Scots
England breaks with Rome - the Henrician Reformation
English Parliament draws up severe anti-Catholic legislation
English Parliament imposes severe penalties against Roman Catholics
English Parliament meets to deal with the problem of Mary Queen of Scots
English Parliament passes the Chantries Act
English Protestant exiles return from Zurich and Geneva
Enquiry into conduct of Mary Queen of Scots reopens at Westminster
Episcopacy restored in Scotland; Presbyterian ministers are banned
First Book of Common Prayer
First Fruits and Tenths (Queen Anne's Bounty)
First stages of a Protestant Reformation in England
Five Articles of Religion
Fourth session of the 'Reformation Parliament'
Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon testify to legatine court
Henry VIII appeals against the Pope to a general council
Henry VIII asks Catherine of Aragon to withdraw her appeal
Henry VIII asks the universities' opinion of his proposed divorce
Henry VIII assumes the title 'Supreme Head of the Church'
Henry VIII becomes Head of the Church in England
Henry VIII is excommunicated
Henry VIII secretly marries Anne Boleyn
Henry VIII seeks an alliance with the German Protestant princes
Henry VIII sends bishops to press his case with Clement VII
Henry VIII tries to persuade the Pope to hasten his divorce proceedings
Henry VIII's divorce suit is removed to Rome
Jesuits and seminary priests are ordered to leave England
Jesuits Robert Parsons and Edmund Campion land in England
John Fisher and Sir Thomas More executed
John Leslie, Bishop of Ross, confesses the Ridolfi Conspiracy
Lady Jane Grey and Protestant advisors are tried for treason
Mary Queen of Scots escapes from Lochleven
Mary Queen of Scots is denied passage through England
Mary Queen of Scots is executed at Fotheringay
Mary Queen of Scots is tried for treason
Mary Queen of Scots lands in France
Mary Queen of Scots marries Bothwell in Edinburgh
Mary Queen of Scots marries Henry, Lord Darnley
Mary Queen of Scots marries the Dauphin, the future Francis II
Mary Queen of Scots pronounced guilty in the Star Chamber
Mary Queen of Scots recognises Philip II of Spain as her heir
Mary Queen of Scots' secretary is murdered on Darnley's orders
Papal commission to assess Henry VIII's marriage
Parish Registers introduced across England
Parliament legislates to expel Jesuits and seminary priests
Parliament passes anti-Catholic acts
Parliament passes the Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity
Parliament re-establishes Roman Catholicism
Petition to Henry VIII about severity of the church courts
Pope Clement VII forbids Henry VIII to re-marry until his case is decided
Pope Clement VII threatens Henry VIII with excommunication
Pope declares Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon valid
Pope Paul III excommunicates and deposes Henry VIII
Pope Pius V excommunicates Elizabeth I
Pope refuses to dissolve Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon
Princess Elizabeth is removed from the Tower to Woodstock
Princess Elizabeth is sent to the Tower for complicity in Wyatt's rebellion
Princess Elizabeth returns to Mary's court
Protestants begin to leave England for Geneva and Zurich
Public theological disputation in Oxford
Publication of the Tyndale New Testament
Puritans in Parliament fail to gain radical Church reform
Queen Elizabeth confirms the sentence against Mary Queen of Scots
Reformation Parliament in England
Reign of King Henry VIII
Reign of Mary Queen of Scots
Reign of Queen Elizabeth I
Risings in the West Country against the newly enforced Prayer Book
Scottish Parliament introduces Anglican principles to Scottish worship
Second session of the 'Reformation Parliament'.
Second Uniformity Act authorises more radical Second Prayer Book
Secret negotiations on behalf of Mary Queen of Scots
Seminary priest Cuthbert Maine is executed for treason
Sir Thomas More refuses to take the oath to the succession
Six Articles
Submission of the Clergy
The Elizabethan Prayer Book is first used
The English parliament passes strict laws against Protestant dissenters
The King's delegates seize the greater monasteries in England and Wales
The last independent convocation of the clergy is held in England
The New Testament becomes available in English
The Pilgrimage of Grace
The Prayer Book rising in the West Country is ended
The rebels of the Pilgrimage of Grace submit to Henry VIII at York
The Somerville Plot to assassinate Elizabeth I is discovered
The Thirty-Nine Articles
The universities endorse Henry VIII's divorce
The visitation of the greater monasteries in England begins
Third session of the 'Reformation Parliament'
York Conference into the conduct of Mary Queen of Scots opens


Anonymous. Bible, The King James Authorised Version. 1611.