Colin Wilson was born on June 26, 1931 in the East Midlands city of Leicester—the first child of Arthur and Annetta Wilson. At the age of eleven he attended Gateway Secondary Technical School, where his interest in science began to blossom. Even at this early age he seemed to be blessed with the self confidence and optimistic belief in his own genius that later was often mistaken for arrogance:

“Secretly I admired Newton, for I imagined him as occupying a place in the hierarchy—Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, Planck, Einstein—which would one day include myself.” (Salwak 5)

By the age of 14 he had compiled a multi-volume work of essays covering all aspects of science …

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Articles on Wilson's works

  1. Access to Inner Worlds
  2. Adrift In Soho
  3. Beyond the Occult
  4. Beyond the Outsider: the philosophy of the future
  5. Eagle and Earwig
  6. Existential Criticism: selected book reviews
  7. Existentially Speaking: essays on the philosophy of literature
  8. Frankenstein’s Castle: the double brain, door to wisdom
  9. Introduction to the New Existentialism
  10. Man Without a Shadow: the diary of an existentialist
  11. Mozart’s Journey to Prague: a playscript
  12. Mysteries: an investigation into the occult, the paranormal and the supernatural
  13. Necessary Doubt
  14. New Pathways in Psychology: Maslow and the post-Freudian revolution
  15. Origins of the Sexual Impulse
  16. Poetry & Mysticism
  17. Religion and the Rebel
  18. Ritual in the Dark
  19. Spider World: Shadowland
  20. Spider World: the Delta
  21. Spider World: the Magician
  22. Spider World: the Tower
  23. Strindberg
  24. Super Consciousness: the quest for the peak experience
  25. The Age of Defeat
  26. The Angry Years: the rise and fall of the Angry Young Men
  27. The Bicameral Critic
  28. The Black Room
  29. The Books in My Life
  30. The Craft of the Novel
  31. The Glass Cage
  32. The God of the Labyrinth (aka The Hedonists)
  33. The Janus Murder Case
  34. The Killer (aka Lingard)
  35. The Magician from Siberia
  36. The Metal Flower Blossom
  37. The Mind Parasites
  38. The Misfits: a study of sexual outsiders
  39. The Occult
  40. The Outsider
  41. The Personality Surgeon
  42. The Philosopher’s Stone
  43. The Quest for Wilhelm Reich
  44. The Return of the Lloigor
  45. The Schoolgirl Murder Case
  46. The Space Vampires (aka Lifeforce)
  47. The Strength to Dream: literature and the imagination
  48. The World of Violence

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