Publius Papinius Statius: Achilleid (1528 words)

The Achilleid is the last surviving work of Publius Papinius Statius (c. 45-96 CE), the foremost epic poet of the Flavian era (69-96 CE). Composition of the poem likely began around 94 CE. Statius refers to the completion of the Thebaid and his current engagement with the Achilleid twice in the fourth book of the Silvae (4.7.87-100, 4.7.21-24), published in 95 CE (Coleman xix). A poem in the posthumously collected fifth book of the Silvae refers to Statius’ recitation of “[his] Achilles” (Silvae 5.2.160-3) before an audience that includes Roman senators. The unfinished epic relates episodes from the early life of the Greek mythological warrior Achilles in a book and a quarter of Latin …

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