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Saturnalia C
Roman Satire C
Latin Cento Poetry C
Traditional date for the foundation of Rome 753 B.C.E. C
Roman aqueducts 700 B.C.E. C
Ancient Rome - The Republic 510 B.C.E. - 23 B.C.E. C
First Samnite War 343 B.C.E. - 341 B.C.E. C Note
Second Samnite War 327 B.C.E. - 304 B.C.E. C Note
Third Samnite War 298 B.C.E. - 290 B.C.E. C Note
First Punic War 264 B.C.E. - 241 B.C.E. C Note
First Illyrian War 229 B.C.E. - 228 B.C.E. C Note
Second Illyrian War 219 B.C.E. C
Second Punic War 218 B.C.E. - 201 B.C.E. C Note
Introduction of the cult of Cybele in Rome 205 B.C.E. C Note
Prohibition of the Bacchanalia in Rome 186 B.C.E. C Note
Delegation of Athenian philosophers to Rome 155 B.C.E. C Note
Third Punic War 149 B.C.E. - 146 B.C.E. C Note
Carthage destroyed in Third Punic War 146 B.C.E. C
First rebellion of slaves in Sicily 135 B.C.E. - 132 B.C.E. C
Second rebellion of slaves in Sicily 104 B.C.E. - 100 B.C.E. C

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