Register for a MyLE Account (create a Personal User Account)

Register for a MyLE Account in order to:

  • create course-related or personal bookshelves
  • save simple and advanced searches
  • load saved advanced searches and customise them
  • generate timelines from saved searches and save these
  • Contributors to the LE: in addition to the above, they can access and manage additional functions. See Contributors FAQ.

There are three categories of personal users:

  1. Institutional subscribers (students and staff) who wish to create a Personal User Account in order to benefit from the added features of the LE listed above. IMPORTANT: please use your institutional email address when you create your personal account, in order to benefit from free subscriber access.
  2. Individual (personal) subscribers, who are not part of a subscribing institution, but wish to access the resources offered by the LE. They need to create a Personal User Account by filling the form below, then purchase a monthly or annual subscription as directed in the pages that follow registration. Click HERE for more information.
  3. Contributors to the LE (authors who have written articles for us, or contributed other content - translations, author chronologies etc.), who have free access to the Encyclopedia. If you have agreed to write for the LE but have not yet registered for your Personal User Account, please follow the procedure described here: How to Create a Contributor Account.