Editorial Director and Founder

Picture of Dr Robert ClarkDr Robert Clark (UEA)

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Managing Editor

Picture of Dr Cristina SandruDr Cristina Sandru (admin@litencyc.com)

Cristina has been working with the LE since 2007, and previously worked at various HE institutions across the UK. Cristina manages all queries regarding subscriptions, published content, accessing the database, offers of contribution, and any other editorial matters.

Associate Editor

Picture of Dr Nicole WillsonDr Nicole Willson (nicolewillson@litencyc.com)

Nicole deals with all queries relating to institutional trials and manages subscriber communications, helping members to set up bookshelves and generate other pedagogic resources.

Editorial Assistants

Picture of Dr Sophia BrownDr Sophia Brown (sophiabrown@litencyc.com)

In addition to her involvement as part of the editorial team for Middle Eastern Literatures and Cultures, Sophia's main responsibility is to assist volume editors and contributors in the process of updating and revising articles published ten or more years ago.

Picture of Dr Jessica GosslingDr Jessica Gossling (jessicagossling@litencyc.com)

Jessica is in charge of formatting all incoming lists of recommended critical readings and inserting these into the database. She also assists volume editors in the process of commissioning new articles and working with the editorial interface.

Founding Editors

*indicates an editor who has retired but whose work remains represented in the Encyclopedia.

Advisory Editors

Area Editors

African Literatures and Cultures

  • Femi Nzegwu (Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies, Dakar, 2000-2005)*
  • Francophone African

Canadian Literature and Culture

  • Native Canadian
    • Dr Renate Eigenbrod (University of Manitoba, 2010-2014)*
    • Dr Sarah Henzi (McGill University)

Caribbean Literature and Culture

Children's and Young Adult Literature

Crime and Detective Fiction (UK, USA, Scandinavia)

Chinese Literature and Culture

Czech and Slovak Literature and Culture

English Literature and Culture

Finnish and Sami Literature and Culture

French-language Literature and Culture

Greek Literature and Culture (Classical, Hellenistic and Imperial)

German-language Literatures and Cultures

Hungarian Literature and Culture

Iranian/Persian Literature and Culture

Irish Literature in English

Italian Literature and Culture

Japanese Literature and Culture

Latin Literature and Culture

Middle Eastern Literatures and Cultures

New Zealand and Pacific Literatures and Cultures

Polish Literature and Culture

Romanian Literature and Culture

Russian and Ukrainian Literatures and Cultures

Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures

Scottish Literature and Culture

South Asian Literatures and Cultures

South American Hispanic Literatures and Cultures

Spanish Literature and Cultures

Literatures and Cultures of South-Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegvina, Macedonia, Montenegro; Albania and Kosovo)

United States Literature and Culture

  • First Nations/Indigenous Literature and Culture of the US

Welsh Literature and Culture