Picture of Dr Grace MooreDr Grace Moore (Otago)

As the General Editor, Grace is responsible for the appointment of volume editors and, in consultation with the Publisher and Managing Editors, the Literary Encyclopedia’s content and scholarly development. She commissions articles across a range of areas, and remains an editor of the Victorian section.
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Managing Editor

Picture of Dr Cristina SandruDr Cristina Sandru

Cristina has been working with the LE since 2007, and previously worked at various HE institutions across the UK. Cristina manages all queries regarding subscriptions, published content, accessing the database, offers of contribution, and any other editorial matters. She reviews all articles before publication and handles communication with librarians.

Assistant Managing Editor

Picture of Dr Jessica GosslingDr Jessica Gossling

Jessica handles subscriber communications, assists LE members in building bookshelves, and creates other pedagogical resources such as recommended readings and works lists. She assists editors and contributors in updating and revising previously published articles and in commissioning, editing, and uploading new articles. Jessica also manages the LE Book Prize.

Founding Editors

* indicates an editor who has retired but whose work remains represented in the Encyclopedia.

Picture of Dr Robert ClarkRobert Clark (2000-2023) *

Reader in English at the University of East Anglia until 2012, founded the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) and The Literary Encyclopedia. With a rich history in community arts, digital publishing, and scholarship on English, American, and French literature, his work spans Defoe to Austen, including efforts to define literature's role in societal shifts. His contributions are marked by his founding of ESSE and pivotal digital initiatives. Read more

Janet Todd (Cambridge, 2000-2005) *

Janet Todd, a renowned scholar at Cambridge and Aberdeen, specializes in 17th and 18th-century women's literature. Founder of Women and Literature and Women's Writing, she edited significant works of Aphra Behn and Mary Wollstonecraft. Her pivotal contributions also include the comprehensive Cambridge Jane Austen edition. Todd's impactful work has received accolades from NEH, Guggenheim, and the Leverhulme Foundation, firmly establishing her as a leading figure in literary scholarship and women's studies. Read more

Emory Elliott (2000-2009) *

Emory Elliott (1942-2009), a distinguished literary historian, championed Puritan writing, Women's Studies, and writers like Toni Morrison. The first in his family to attend college, he became Chair of American Studies at Princeton and later at the University of California, Riverside. Notable works include Power and the Pulpit in Puritan New England and editing the Columbia Literary History of the United States. Elliott was a fellow of NEH, ACLS, Guggenheim, and more, significantly contributing to literary studies and founding The Literary Encyclopedia. Read more

Senior Editors

Professor Chris Baldick
Goldsmiths, University of London

BA & DPhil from Oxford, now emeritus Professor of English at Goldsmiths College, he specialises in Modern Poetry and Post-Victorian Literature. Supervises topics in British poetry and fiction from 1890-present, including studies on Edward Thomas, Ambit magazine, and the novels of Graham Swift. Read more

Professor Jo Ann Cavallo
Columbia University

Chair of the Department of Italian at Columbia University, acclaimed for The World beyond Europe in the Romance Epics with an MLA Award. Author and editor, her work spans from medieval to modern Italian literature, with significant contributions to the study of epic narratives. Read more

Professor Peter Childs
Newman University, Birmingham

Professor of Modern English Literature at Newman University, Birmingham, and Fellow of the English Association, he has over 20 publications on post-1900 literature and culture. His research spans Paul Scott, Julian Barnes, Ian McEwan, to E.M. Forster, modernism, and post-colonial writing. Read more

Professor Roman Koropeckyj

Professor of Slavic Languages & Literatures at UCLA, he specialises in Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian literature. With a BA from Columbia and a PhD from Harvard, his notable works include The Poetics of Revitalization and Adam Mickiewicz: The Life of a Romantic. Read more

Professor Sarah Peverley
University of Liverpool

Medievalist at the University of Liverpool, specialises in Wars of the Roses literature, manuscripts, and mermaids. BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker, editing John Hardyng's chronicles, and writing a mermaid history. Awarded by Leverhulme, AHRC, British Academy, and a Fellow of the RHS. Read more

Professor Jonathan Roe
University of York

Professor of English at the University of York, specialises in English and Italian Renaissance literature. Authored Shakespeare and Machiavelli and edited The Poems of Shakespeare, highlighting Italian influence. Explores 1950s-60s American poetry, with notable work on John Berryman. Read more

Professor Pat Rogers
University of South Florida

Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Florida, has authored or edited 50 books on 18th-century history and culture. His work appears in journals like Anglia and the English Historical Review. Notable contributions include essays in The Edinburgh History of the British Press. Read More

Professor Emeritus Ian Campbell Ross
Trinity College Dublin

Emeritus Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies, he is known for his work on Laurence Sterne, Irish and British eighteenth-century literature, and as founder of the Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society. His publications include critical editions, essays on writers from Voltaire to Calvino. Read More

Professor Nicholas Seager
University of Keele

Professor of English Literature and Head of the School of Humanities at Keele University, he has published widely on the literature of the long 18th century, from John Bunyan to Jane Austen. Current projects include an edition of Defoe's letters. Read more

Professor Virginia Mason Vaughan
Clark University

Professor Emerita at Clark University, specialises in Shakespearean literature. Author of Othello: A Contextual History and Performing Blackness on English Stages, 1500-1800. Co-authored Shakespeare's Caliban and The Tempest. Read more

Professor Jennifer Marston William
Purdue University

Professor of German at Purdue University, holds a PhD from Ohio State University. Specialises in German Expressionism, post-1945 literature, and drama. Published in The German Quarterly and co-edited Anna Seghers' work. Read more

Area Editors

African Literatures and Cultures

  • Femi Nzegwu (Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies, Dakar, 2000-2005)*
  • Anglophone African
    • Dr Helen Cousins (Newman University)
    • Dr David Firth (University of Manchester)

Canadian Literature and Culture

  • Native Canadian
    • Dr Renate Eigenbrod (University of Manitoba, 2010-2014)*
    • Dr Sarah Henzi (McGill University)

Caribbean Literature and Culture

Children's and Young Adult Literature

Chinese Literature and Culture

English Literature and Culture

Finnish and Sami Literature and Culture

French-language Literature and Culture

Greek Literature and Culture (Classical, Hellenistic and Imperial)

German-language Literatures and Cultures

Hungarian Literature and Culture

Iranian/Persian Literature and Culture

Irish Literature in English

Italian Literature and Culture

Japanese Literature and Culture

Latin Literature and Culture

Middle Eastern Literatures and Cultures

New Zealand and Pacific Literatures and Cultures

Polish Literature and Culture

Romanian Literature and Culture

Russian and Ukrainian Literatures and Cultures

Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures

Scottish Literature and Culture

South Asian Literatures and Cultures

South American Hispanic Literatures and Cultures

Spanish Literature and Cultures

Literatures and Cultures of South-Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegvina, Macedonia, Montenegro; Albania and Kosovo)

United States Literature and Culture

  • First Nations/Indigenous Literature and Culture of the US

Utopian/Dystopian Studies, Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction

Welsh Literature and Culture

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