Articles published in the last 30 days

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Title Contributor Date Section
Chaucer, Geoffrey: The Knight's Tale Darragh Greene, University College Dublin 21-06-2021 works
Stoppard, Tom: The Hard Problem William Baker, Northern Illinois University 21-06-2021 works
Wright, Richard: The Man Who Lived Underground Patrick Chura, University of Akron 21-06-2021 works
Kops, Bernard William Baker, Northern Illinois University 18-06-2021 people
Le Carré, John: Agent Running in the Field LynnDianne Beene, University of New Mexico 18-06-2021 works
Julian of Norwich: Sixteen Revelations of Divine Love Darragh Greene, University College Dublin 17-06-2021 works
Oates, Joyce Carol: Zombie Hannah Spruce, The University of Leicester 17-06-2021 works
Aguilar, Grace: The Women of Israel Alyssa Q. Johnson, Texas Christian University 15-06-2021 works
Ferrante, Elena Nicoletta Peluffo, Kent State University 15-06-2021 people
Robert of Gloucester Victoria Shirley, University of Wales, Cardiff 15-06-2021 people
Kingsley, Mary Precious McKenzie Stearns, Rocky Mountain College 06-06-2021 people
Anam, Tahmima Sabiha Huq, Khulna University 04-06-2021 people
Cather, Willa: Alexander's Bridge Joshua Grasso, East Central University 04-06-2021 works
Rogers, Samuel Charlotte May, University of Nottingham 04-06-2021 people
Broughton, Rhoda Lindsey Carman Williams, Washington State University 03-06-2021 people
Chaucer, Geoffrey: Anelida and Arcite Rebecca Menmuir, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen 03-06-2021 works
Jacobson, Howard William Baker, Northern Illinois University 02-06-2021 people
Mauriac, François: Thérèse Desqueyroux Michael O'Dwyer, Maynooth University 02-06-2021 works
Thackeray, William Makepeace: The Irish Sketch Book Yvonne Siddle, University of Chester 02-06-2021 works
Atkinson, Kate: Life After Life Beatriz Domínguez García, Universidad de Huelva 01-06-2021 works
Bokenham, Osbern Caitlin Brenner, University of Texas at Austin 01-06-2021 people
Wesker, Arnold: I'm Talking about Jerusalem William Baker, Northern Illinois University 31-05-2021 works
Shafak, Elif Zeynep Atayurt Fenge, Ankara University 27-05-2021 people
Chaucer, Geoffrey: The Miller's Tale Helen Cushman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 26-05-2021 works
Anonymous: The Floure and the Leaf Darragh Greene, University College Dublin 25-05-2021 works
Sartre, Jean-Paul: Réflexions sur la question juive Yoann Malinge, Université Paris I 25-05-2021 works
Wesker, Arnold: Roots William Baker, Northern Illinois University 25-05-2021 works