Articles published in the last 30 days

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Title Contributor Date Section
Camus, Albert: Les Justes Vina Tirven-Gadum, Athabasca University 30-11-2021 works
Sontag, Susan: Regarding the Pain of Others Leland Poague, Iowa State University 30-11-2021 works
Environmental Themes in Utopian and Dystopian Literature Fazila Derya Agis 23-11-2021 context
Toews, Miriam Margaret Steffler, Trent University 11-11-2021 people
Andreini, Giovan Battista Nicla Riverso, University of Washington 09-11-2021 people
MacEwen, Gwendolyn Tanis MacDonald, Wilfrid Laurier University 09-11-2021 people
Crummey, Michael Paul Chafe, Ryerson University 05-11-2021 people
Martin, George Raymond Richard: A Feast for Crows Lars Johnson, Cornell University 05-11-2021 works
Nowlan, Alden David Eso, University of Victoria 05-11-2021 people
Rolle, Richard Kevin Gustafson 05-11-2021 people
Haugová, Mila Ivana Hostová, Slovak Academy of Sciences 04-11-2021 people
Erdrich, Louise: Tracks Zachary Perdieu, University of Georgia 03-11-2021 works
Medieval Literary Theory Julie Orlemanski, University of Chicago 03-11-2021 context
Mickiewicz, Adam: Sonety krymskie Roman Koropeckyj, University of California, Los Angeles 02-11-2021 works
Thoreau, Henry David: Civil Disobedience David Lombard, Université de Liège 02-11-2021 works