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Title Contributor Date Section
Guerrini, Olindo Anne Urbancic, University of Toronto 09-10-2019 people
Baker, Louisa Alice Kirstine Moffat 08-10-2019 people
King John (1899) -- film adaptation of Shakespeare's King John Kaitlyn Culliton, Trinity College Dublin 08-10-2019 context
Wollstonecraft, Mary: Letters Written During a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark Joshua Grasso, East Central University 08-10-2019 works
Le Guin, Ursula: A Wizard of Earthsea Luke Shelton, University of Glasgow 07-10-2019 works
Salgado, Minoli: A Little Dust on the Eyes Tara Senanayake, University of Peradeniya 07-10-2019 works
Strachey, Lytton: Eminent Victorians Julie Taddeo, The University of Maryland 07-10-2019 works
Aldington, Richard: Death of a Hero Elisa Bolchi, University of Reading 03-10-2019 works
Blyton, Enid: Five on a Treasure Island Graeme Davis, University of Buckingham 30-09-2019 works
Lofting, Hugh Graeme Davis, University of Buckingham 30-09-2019 people
Lofting, Hugh: The Story of Doctor Dolittle Graeme Davis, University of Buckingham 30-09-2019 works
Modern Haiku Herbert Jonsson, Dalarna University 30-09-2019 context
Oliphant, Margaret: Salem Chapel Anne Reus, Technische Universität Dresden 30-09-2019 works
Barber, Mary Emily O'Flaherty 23-09-2019 people
Le Carré, John: A Perfect Spy LynnDianne Beene, University of New Mexico 23-09-2019 works
Cibber, Colley: The Refusal Laura Favero Carraro, Università degli Studi di Padova 16-09-2019 works
Teffi, n/a: Nezhivoi zver' Robert Chandler, Queen Mary, University of London 16-09-2019 works