Articles published in the last 30 days

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Title Contributor Date Section
Flanders and Swan and the Music-Hall Tradition Christopher Price, Canterbury Christ Church University 19-10-2018 context
Berceo, Gonzalo: Vida de San Millán de la Cogolla Robin M. Bower, Penn State University 17-10-2018 works
Ceronetti, Guido Sabina Sestigiani, Swinburne University of Technology 15-10-2018 people
Alameddine, Rabih Farah Aridi, Goldsmiths College, University of London 11-10-2018 people
Lexicon Graecolatinum Londiniense Dimitrios Papanikolaou, Independent Scholar - Europe 11-10-2018 context
The Italo-Turkish War, aka The Libyan War (1911-1912): The Conflict and its Long-Term Consequences Valentina Nocentini, Pepperdine University 11-10-2018 context
Donaldson, Stephen R. Dennis Wilson Wise, University of Arizona 08-10-2018 people
Donaldson, Stephen R.: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever Dennis Wilson Wise, University of Arizona 08-10-2018 works
Fitt, Mary Nick Turner, University of Central Lancashire 04-10-2018 people
Recent International Reception of Pirandello's Works and Thought Lisa Sarti, Borough of Manhattan CC (CUNY) 04-10-2018 context
Ryder, William: The Twins Louise Powell, Sheffield Hallam University 04-10-2018 works
Fielding, Henry: The Life and Death of Jonathan Wild, the Great Joshua Grasso, East Central University 02-10-2018 works
Arasanayagam, Jean: Apocalypse '83 Shelby E. Ward, Virginia Tech 27-09-2018 works
Auden, W. H.: Spain Chris Baldick, Goldsmiths College, University of London 27-09-2018 works
Machiavelli, Niccolo: L'asino d'oro Alessia Palanti, Columbia University 27-09-2018 works
Mernissi, Fatima Nimat Hafez Barazangi, Cornell University 27-09-2018 people
Blasim, Hassan: The Iraqi Christ Qussay M. Al-Attabi, Kenyon College 26-09-2018 works
Sergi, Giuseppe Luca Tedesco, UniversitĂ  Rome III 26-09-2018 people
Clanvowe, John: The Two Ways Ryan Lawrence, Cornell University 25-09-2018 works
James, Henry: The Bostonians Pat Righelato, University of Reading 25-09-2018 works