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Title Contributor Date Section
Étienne, Gérard: Natania Lélia Young, York University 16-08-2018 works
Manto, Saadat Hasan Sayma Khan 16-08-2018 people
Romeo + Juliet (1996) -- film adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Duncan Fraser, University of Sussex 16-08-2018 context
de Voragine, Jacobus Carrie Beneš, New College of Florida 15-08-2018 people
Ortiz, Fernando Yairen Jerez 15-08-2018 people
Welch, James: Fools Crow Ken Hada, East Central University 15-08-2018 works
Borduas, Paul-Émile: Le Refus global Suzette Ali, Purdue University 14-08-2018 works
Chandra, Vikram: Red Earth and Pouring Rain Robyn Doty, J W Goethe University of Frankfurt 14-08-2018 works
de Valois, Marguerite Edith Benkov, University of San Diego 13-08-2018 people
Jones, Lewis Aidan Byrne, University of Wolverhampton 13-08-2018 people
Varo, Remedios Nadia Albaladejo 13-08-2018 people
Le Carré, John: The Night Manager LynnDianne Beene, University of New Mexico 06-08-2018 works
Noel Coward's Songs Christopher Price, Canterbury Christ Church University 06-08-2018 context
Clare, John: The Shepherd’s Calendar Adam White, The Open University 03-08-2018 works
Stein, Gertrude: Tender Buttons Michel Delville, Université de Liège 03-08-2018 works
Martí, José Yairen Jerez 02-08-2018 people
Gobetti, Piero David Ward, Wellesley College 29-07-2018 people
Grafton, Sue: A Is for Alibi David C. Dougherty, Loyola University Maryland 29-07-2018 works
Prose Poem Michel Delville, Université de Liège 29-07-2018 context
Tyler, Anne: The Tin Can Tree Cecilia Donohue, Madonna University 29-07-2018 works
Anonymous: The Cloud of Unknowing Rebecca Hill 26-07-2018 works
Euripides: Meleager Sonia Francisetti Brolin, Università di Roma 'La Sapienza' 24-07-2018 works
Goldsmith, Oliver: The Vicar of Wakefield Joshua Grasso, East Central University 24-07-2018 works
Storozhenko, Oleksa Svitlana Krys, MacEwan University 24-07-2018 people
Andersen, Hans Christian Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen, University College London 19-07-2018 people
Blume, Judy: Forever Leah Phillips, University of Warwick 18-07-2018 works
Burgess, Melvin: Junk Leah Phillips, University of Warwick 18-07-2018 works
Vyasa, Veda: Bhagavad-Gita Sudeshna Kar Barua, Independent Scholar - Asia 18-07-2018 works
Aramburu, Fernando: Patria Helena Miguelez-Carballeira, Bangor University 17-07-2018 works