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Travel Award Competition Winners 2022

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year's Travel Award competition:

  • David Lombard, PhD candidate / Contributor, University of Liège, Belgium – The Rhetorics and Narratologies of the Sublime in the Contemporary American Environmental Memoir and Novel
  • Amy Blaney, PhD candidate, Keele University - Forming the Arthurian Idyll, 1688-1820
  • Krista Kapphahn, Independent Researcher/ Contributor – Amatory and Romantic Language in Welsh Panegyric Poetry
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Winners of the Book Prize Competition 2022

Featured Bookshelf

American post-1945 poetry

A list of postwar American poets whose profiles we have covered in the LE.

Quotation of the Day

Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please: they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted from the past.

Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

American Feminism: First Wave Women's Movement (USA)

American Feminism: First Wave Women's Movement (USA) Featured Article

The article is part of a series of interconnected essays on feminism and other social-political movements of emancipation that have played a crucial role in the fight for women’s rights from the 19th century onwards (see under the thematic group ‘Feminism and Women’s Studies’, Focusing on the earlier history of the United States, the article discusses key figures and historical moments, throwing light on the slow march of legislative changes that have contributed to bringing the ‘woman’s question’ at the forefront of the political arena.

Comedia - Early Modern / Golden Age Spanish Theatre

Comedia - Early Modern / Golden Age Spanish Theatre Featured Article

In its careful delineation of the contours of an epoch, its discriminative choice of illustrative texts and its analytical sharpness, the article provides an excellent example of contextual situatedness, a way of looking at literary art that places it within the contours of its epoch – the famous Spanish siglo de oro or ‘Golden Age’ – but also within the larger tendencies and cultural currents prevalent in Europe at the time.

Lebanese Anglophone Diasporic Literature

Lebanese Anglophone Diasporic Literature Featured Article

In the recent political context dominated by various waves of refugee crises and an ongoing war, an article that looks at the literary production emerging precisely as a result of an earlier conflict (the Lebanese Civil War) and its consequent cultural disruptions/ relocations provides a long-term perspective that the history of the present cannot possibly entertain. It is both a fascinating excursion into the wealth of Lebanese works published outside Lebanon by writers as diverse as Rabih Alameddine, Rawi Hage, Nada Awar Jarrar or Patricia Sarrafian Ward, and a reminder that imagination and creativity often flourish on the back of longstanding historical trauma.

Literary Adaptations into Comic/Graphic Novel Form

Literary Adaptations into Comic/Graphic Novel Form Featured Article

The essay exemplifies the variety of ways in which graphic art has engaged with works of literary fiction. Reviewing some of the theoretical implications of adapting what is essentially a verbal form into the multi-modal, verbal-visual form of graphic sequential art, the article then looks chronologically at a selection of examples taken mainly from English-language comics, manga and graphic novels, many of which are of highly canonical literary texts. Insightful and ambitious, the article occupies a critical space that helps redefine the concept of adaptation and reveals the versatile ways in which the visual and the verbal interconnect and enhance each other.

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