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Olof Skötkonung (the Tax King) unites Sweden 995 C Note
Sweden gains Scania from Denmark 1332 C
Hanseatic League is established 1360 C Note
Union of Kalmar 1397 C Note
First meeting of the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) 1435 C Note
Christian of Denmark and Norway also becomes King of Sweden 1457 C
John II of Denmark defeats the Swedes at Brunkeberg 1497 C Note
Peace of Malmoe allows Netherlands vessels to trade in the Baltic 1512 C Note
Christian II of Denmark and Norway defeats the Swedes at Lake Asunden 1520 C Note
Christian II of Denmark is crowned King of Sweden 1520 C Note
National revolt after Christian II massacres leading Swedes 1520 C Note
Gustav Eriksson rises against Danish rule in Sweden 1521 C Note
Gustav Vasa is elected King of Sweden 1523 C
Gustavus Vasa implements a Swedish Reformation 1527 C Note
Sweden establishes male hereditary succession to the Crown 1544 C Note
Eric XIV succeeds as King of Sweden 1560 C Note
Lubeck and Denmark defeat Swedes off Gotland 1564 C Note
Nobles in Sweden rally to Duke John, declaring Eric XIV insane 1568 C Note
John III is proclaimed King of Sweden 1568 C Note
John III of Sweden unofficially becomes Catholic 1578 C Note

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