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French Renaissance Tragedy C
Valois dynasty established in France by Philip VI 1328 - 1589 C
Emblems and Imprese 1400 - 1700 C
First Printed Books (Incunabula) 1450 - 1500 C Note
French occupation ends the independence of Brittany 1491 C
Treaty of Etaples 1492 C Note
French accept Perkin Warbeck as rightful claimant to the English throne 1492 C Note
Henry VII of England invades France 1492 C Note
Henry VII besieges Boulogne 1492 C Note
Peace of √Čtaples 1492 C Note
Treaty of Senlis between France and the Holy Roman Empire 1493 C Note
Peasants' revolt in Alsace 1493 C Note
The French fleet is captured in Rapallo 1495 C Note
Treaty of Vercelli between Charles VIII and Milan undermines Holy League 1495 C Note
Philip Duke of Burgundy marries Juana, heiress to Spanish throne 1496 C Note
Truce signed between France and Spain at Lyon 1497 C Note
Louis XII, Duke of Orleans succeeds as King of France 1498 C Note
Louis XII confirms the Treaty of Etaples with Henry VII 1498 C Note
Treaty of Marcoussis weakens the Holy League 1498 C Note
Louis XII of France marries Anne, Duchess of Brittany 1499 C Note

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