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Fall of Constantinople 1453 - 1453 C Note
Topkapi Palace founded in Constantinople 1454 C
Christian Trebizond in North Anatolia is captured by the Ottomans 1461 C
Karaman conquered by the Ottomans 1468 C
Smyrna destroyed by the Venetians 1473 C
Peace of Constantinople 1479 C Note
Mehmet the Conqueror dies and is succeeded by his son Bayezid II 1481 - 1512 C
Gentile Bellini is at work in Istanbul 1481 C
Venice signs peace treaty with the Turks 1503 C Note
Earthquake destroys Constantinople 1509 C Note
Civil war in the Ottoman Empire 1511 C Note
Selim I becomes Ottoman Sultan with the support of the Janissaries 1512 - 1520 C Note
Selim I, Sultan of Turkey, begins to march his army towads Persia 1514 C Note
Selim I creates an Ottoman fleet 1517 C Note
Suleyman the Magnificent becomes Sultan of the Ottoman Empire 1520 - 1566 C Note
Ibrahim becomes Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire 1523 C
The Turkish fleet attacks Arab corsairs 1526 C Note
Khanate of Crimea established 1532 - 1783 C
Charles V signs a truce with Suleiman I 1545 C Note
Construction of the Suleymaniye mosque begins in Istanbul 1550 - 1557 C

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