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First automobile advertisement appears in the Saturday Evening Post 1900 C Note
Japanese immigration to the US limited 1900 C Note
W. H. Taft commission appointed 1900 C Note
U.S. Currency Act declares money redeemable in gold 1900 C Note
Hawaii organised as U.S. territory 1900 C Note
U.S. Congress passes Foraker Act 1900 C Note
McKinley presidential nominee, T. Roosevelt for vice-president 1900 C Note
William McKinley defeats William Jennings Bryan 1900 C Note
Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt 1901 - 1909 C
US Steel Corporation 1901 C
Oil is discovered at Spindletop near Beaumont, Texas 1901 C Note
Platt Amendment: Cuba authorizes the United States to maintain law and order 1901 C Note
President William McKinley shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz 1901 C Note
Supreme Court decides Puerto Ricans not U.S. Citizens 1901 C Note
United Mine Workers strike 1902 C Note
Newlands Reclamation Act 1902 C Note
Roosevelt authorised to buy French Panama Co. rights 1902 C Note
Theodore Roosevelt ends U.S. coal strike 1902 C Note
Flight of the Kitty Hawk 1903 C Note
Hay-Herran pact 1903 C Note

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