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The Negro Conspiracy of 1741 1741 C Note
American Colonization Society established to transport free blacks to Africa 1816 C Note
The first national Negro convention held in Philadelphia 1830 C Note
American Anti-Slavery Society founded 1833 C Note
A commercial convention calls for the African slave trade to be reopened 1859 C Note
Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation issued 1862 C Note
Abolition of slavery in the USA 1865 C Note
Civil Rights Act of 1875 1875 C Note
Booker T. Washington opens Tuskegee Institute 1881 C Note
Mississippi Plan 1890 C Note
Segregation allowed by Supreme Court 1896 C Note
Anti-black rioting in Springfield, Illinois 1908 C Note
Harlem Renaissance 1912 - 1929 C
The Black Chicago Writers' Movement 1936 - 1950 C
Civil Rights Movement 1954 - 1975 C Note
The Black Panther Party 1965 - 1980 C
The US organization 1965 - 1971 C
Black Power 1966 - 1980 C
First African-American wins Nobel Prize for literature, Toni Morrison 1993 C Note
Jacobs, Harriett 1813 - 1897 P

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