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Race, slavery and colonialism in Spanish Latin America C
The quipu becomes the standard recording device of the Andean civilizations 700 C Note
Capital established at Cuzco by the Inca tribe 1300 C
Inca and Chimu states at war 1350 C
Sican state defeated by Chimu 1370 C
Leader of Chimu, Michancamon, is captured by the Incas 1370 C
Central Andes conquered by Chimu 1375 C
Inca Empire expands under the leadership of Viracocha Inca 1410 C Note
Pachacuti becomes ruler of the Inca Empire 1438 - 1471 C Note
Incas set themselves up on the Pacific coast 1445 C
The Incas conquer the Chimu Empire 1470 C
Topa Inca becomes ruler of the Inca Empire 1471 - 1493 C
South coast of Peru conquered by the Incas 1476 C
Huayna Capac becomes ruler of the Inca Empire 1493 C
Amerigo Vespucci explores parts of South America 1499 C Note
Inca campaigns lead to a second capital being established at Tomebamba 1500 C
Inca Empire sets up a second capital at Tomebamba 1500 C Note
Ferdinand Magellan discovers the Magellan Strait and enters the Pacific 1520 - 1520 C
Fall of the Inca Empire 1531 - 1533 C Note
Francisco Pizarro leads expedition for the conquest of Peru 1532 C Note

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