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Historical Development of British Spas and Seaside Resorts C
British Seaside Fiction C
The Gentleman's Magazine C
Reign of King William III 1689 - 1702 C
Reign of Queen Mary II 1689 - 1694 C Note
Bill of Rights (England) 1689 C Note
Act of Toleration 1689 C Note
Exclusion of Catholics from London 1689 - 1828 C Note
Convention Parliament meets 1689 C Note
Parliament declares James II has abdicated 1689 C Note
Coronation of William and Mary 1689 C Note
Bill of Rights is amended 1689 C Note
William and Mary recognise old charters of the English colonies 1689 C Note
Battle of Beachy Head 1690 C Note
Court-martial and dismissal of Lord Torrington 1690 - 1690 C
Convention Parliament is dissolved in England 1690 C Note
Lord Halifax is dismissed as Lord Privy Seal 1690 C Note
Second Parliament of William and Mary meets 1690 C Note
Act of Grace is passed in England 1690 C Note
Lord Shrewsbury resigns as a Secretary of State 1690 C Note

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