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Bantu-speaking people settle in present-day Zambia 800 C
Citadel of Great Zimbabwe in South-East Africa is built 850 C
Kilwa Sultans initiate a large building programme 1430 C Note
Mutapa Empire in South Africa begins to eclipse Great Zimbabwe 1450 C
The Cape of Good Hope is explored by Bartolome Dias 1487 C Note
Kilwa abandoned by Portugal 1512 C
Zimba War 1570 C Note
Portugal invades the Zambezi valley 1571 C
Mutapa Kingdom sign a treaty with Portugal 1578 C
Dutch settlers found Capetown 1652 C Note
French Huguenots settle at the Cape of Good Hope 1687 C Note
Natal becomes a Dutch colony 1689 C Note
Jacobus Coetsee leads a party of Hottentots beyond the Orange River 1760 C Note
Henrik Hop leads a further expedition beyond Orange River 1761 C Note
Britain prevented from seizing Cape of Good Hope 1781 C
British occupy Cape of Good Hope 1795 C Note
Cape Colony reoccupied by the British 1806 C
Britain suppresses the Boer farmers 1815 C
Mfecane Tribal Wars 1815 - 1830 C
Shaka becomes Kings of the Zulus 1816 C

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