David Grylls

Dr David Grylls is a University Lecturer in Literature at Oxford University's Department for Continuing Education and Director of Studies of the Department’s literature and creative writing programmes. These currently comprise thirty-one weekly classes in literature and creative writing, nine online courses, numerous conferences and day schools and a part-time course equivalent to the first year of Oxford’s English Literature degree. Also included are a part-time diploma and a part-time Master’s course in creative writing. In addition David is the Director of the Oxford/Duke Summer School, a six-week programme for undergraduates from Duke University in Durham, NC, held annually at New College, Oxford. David teaches a range of courses from Shakespeare to the present day, but his published work has concentrated on the nineteenth century. In addition to numerous articles in academic and popular journals, he is the author of Guardians and Angels: Parents and Children in Nineteenth-Century Literature, The Paradox of Gissing, and What the Dickens: A Guide to Martin Chuzzlewit and Hard Times – the last written to accompany two television serialisations. He has edited George Gissing’s Born in Exile for Everyman paperbacks. David Grylls regularly reviews new fiction for the Sunday Times newspaper, for which he also co-authors the Sunday Times/Faber Literary Quiz. He has lectured widely in America, and also in France, Sweden, Italy and Greece.