Pietra Palazzolo

Pietra Palazzolo teaches modern and contemporary literature, cultural theory, and interdisciplinary studies (Open University), and serves on the Executive Committee of the Centre for Myth Studies (University of Essex). Her PhD examined John Banville’s encounter with the work of Wallace Stevens and Samuel Beckett. She has co-edited Translating Myth (2016) and John Banville and His Precursors (2019), and published a number of book chapters and articles including “Desire, Pursuit, and Loss: The Making of Athena” (2019), “’Tell[ing] one story in place of another’: Journeys of Discovery in Jackie Kay’s Autobiographical Prose and Poetry” (2017), and “‘Without a Tepid Aureole’: Angels and Messengers in Contemporary Literature and Film” (2008). Her current research is on performativity in contemporary fiction and poetry and on redefinitions of the concept of home and belonging in diasporic writing.

As a member of the Executive Committe for The Centre for Myth Studies, Pietra is Social Media & Networking Officer (since 2014). She also convened the centre's reading group and managed its Wordpress blog between 2014 and 2018. See The Centre for Myth Studies publication page https://essexmyth.wordpress.com/publications/translating-myth-legenda-2016/ and Twitter account https://twitter.com/mythstudies/

Further information can be found on her personal Twitter account https://twitter.com/drppalazzolo and homepage https://essex.academia.edu/PietraPalazzolo

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