Dennis Tate

Emeritus Professor of German Studies at Bath University, UK. Has published widely on East German literature before German Unification, especially autobiographical writing and competing memory narratives. Author of The East German Novel (1984); Franz Fuehmann: Innovation and Authenticity (1995); Shifting Perspectives: East German Autobiographical Narratives before and after the End of the GDR (2007). Edited volumes include Dislocation and Reorientation: Exile, Division and the End of Communism in German Culture and Politics (2009, with Pol O Dochartaigh and Axel Goodbody); German Life Writing in the Twentieth Century (2010, with Birgit Dahlke and Roger Woods); Twenty Years On: Competing Memories of the GDR in Postunification German Culture (2011, with Renate Rechtien). Wrote the overview article on East German autobiographical writing for Rereading East Germany: The Literature and Film of the GDR, ed.Karen Leeder (2015).