Nicolas Tredell

Nicolas Tredell's latest book is an edited volume of original essays on In Cold Blood in the Salem Press Critical Insights series (2020). His previous books include: Critical Insights: The Kite Runner (2020); Critical Insights: A Midsummer Night's Dream (2020); Anatomy of Amis: (2017), the most comprehensive study so far of the fiction and nonfiction of Martin Amis; a new and expanded edition of Conversations with Critics (2015), featuring his interviews with John Barrell, Catherine Belsey, Bernard Bergonzi, Christine Brooke-Rose, David Caute, Brian Cox, Donald Davie, Terry Eagleton, Stephen Heath, Robert Hewison, Philip Hobsbaum, Lisa Jardine, Sir Frank Kermode, Colin MacCabe, Karl Miller, Sir Roger Scruton, C. H. Sisson, George Steiner, Raymond Tallis and Dame Marina Warner; Novels to Some Purpose: The Fiction of Colin Wilson (2015); Analysing Texts: David Copperfield and Great Expectations (2013); C. P. Snow: The Dynamics of Hope (2012); Analysing Texts: The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night (2011); The Great Gatsby: A Continuum Reader's Guide (2007); Cinemas of the Mind: A Critical History of Film Theory (2002); Fighting Fictions: The Novels of B. S. Johnson (2000; 2nd edn, 2010); Caute's Confrontations: The Novels of David Caute (1994); The Critical Decade: Culture in Crisis (1993); and Uncancelled Challenge: The Work of Raymond Williams (1990).

Since 1999, he has been Consultant Editor of the Palgrave Macmillan Essential Criticism Guides series, which now numbers 88 volumes, eight of which he has himself produced: The Great Gatsby (1997); Great Expectations (1998); Heart of Darkness (1998); The Sound and the Fury/As I Lay Dying (1999); The Fiction of Martin Amis (2000); Macbeth (2006); A Midsummer Night's Dream (2010); and Shakespeare - The Tragedies (2014).

He has also published over 400 essays, articles, interviews, introductions and obituaries in English and American books, journals and newspapers.

Nicolas was contributing editor of PN Review from 1983-9, and a judge of the 1994 Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize for Poetry and of the 2016 English and Media Centre Close Reading Competition. He co-organized the Literary London Society Conferences on "Conflict and Resolution" (2018) and "Neighbours of Ours" (2019). Nicolas's homepage is

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